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Feedback for BlueRoseSama

Aug 1, 2010

    1. Here's a feedback thread starter for BlueRoseSama. :-)

      BlueRoseSama purchased a wig from me on the marketplace, and the transaction was smooth and problem-free. Thank you very much! ^_^
    2. BlueRoseSama purchased a few items from me and it was a smooth transaction with friendly communication. Would definately deal with again. Thanks
    3. Sold an Aladdin Lamp to BlueRoseSama, great transaction, quick payment, and very cordial to talk to!
      I would recommend her to any buyer/seller :)
    4. BlueRoseSama Bought a Dollzone Hid Fullset from me on Layaway. She was a delight to deal with. We made a payment plan together and she was very understanding about my only being able to take Paypal. She had great communication, paid on time, and was even able to pay for him a little a head of schedule. I would gladly do business with her again!
      Thank you so much for adopting my boy! ^.^
    5. BlueRose bought some SD high tops from me. It was a good transaction where we collaborated to make as sure as we could that the shoes would fit her doll (and they do!). She paid fast and let me know when they arrived. Thank you!
    6. BlueRoseSama participated in my Adventure Time Swap. She answered all the PMs in a timely manner and her outfit was very adorable and well made. Thank you :)