Feedback for Blueyeliner

Nov 26, 2010

    1. Please leave a feedback for me for any transactions. Thank you! :aheartbea
    2. Blueyeliner commissioned me to knit a beret for her doll. She paid on time, and is super nice to talk to. It was a pleasure doing business with her, and I would not hesitate to do so again. :D Thank you! :)
    3. I had a great transaction with blueyeliner! She was great with communication, paid instantly, and let me know as soon as it arrived.
    4. Blueyeliner purchased a DollHeart dress from me and was a wonderfuly buyer. Paid promptly, friendly communication and let me know when the item arrived. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again as well as recommend to others! ^_^
    5. I recently purchased a dress from Blueyeliner~ Very friendly and quick communication, Shipped when she said she would, all aroudn great person to deal with! Thanks! :)
    6. Blueyeliner was part of a dollmore group order I hosted. Great communication, quick payment, everything one wants from their group order participants! Would deal with again!

      Thanks so much!
    7. I did a custom face-up for blue eyeliner, free for my shop opening event. Communication was quick and friendly, and payment for the shipping was fast. I would defiantly work with her again!
    8. This lovely Lady took part in a Dollmore Group Order that I was running. Paid REALLY fast and kept in great communication!

      ~ Thank you so much for doing a group order with me! would love to work with you again!.
    9. I purchased a Dollheart dress from Blueyeliner and everything was great :) Communication was excellent, shipping was fast, and the item was packaged well. Thank you!
    10. Blueyeliner recently participated in the second half of my 18th Leekeworld pre-order run and was amazing to work with from initiation to completion. Their communication skills were grand and they were on top of things where payments were concerned. :) This was a smooth and easy transaction, quite pleasant, and I would definitely be open to dealing with them again in the future~

      ♥[ Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders!! ]♥
    11. Bought a nice pair of 16mm Dollmore Eyes from Blueyeliner:aheartbea

      Everything went smoothly -- very friendly communication & very quick shipping!

      Would definitely buy from again and would highly recommend :D

      Thanks again!

    12. I bought wonderful FER from Blueyeliner! All is great, Blueyeliner is very good seller! I hope to work with her again!
    13. Participated in my Dollmore Group Order. Everything went really really well, could never ask for a better participant!. Thanks !
    14. I traded with Blueyeliner and everything went great. Thanks a lot!
    15. Traded fuku items with Blueyeliner -- everything went smoothly & her part of the trade arrived quickly!
    16. I traded some MSD items with Blueyeliner, and received some beautiful shoes in return. It was very quick and very smooth! Thanks again!
    17. Blueyeliner commissionned me for a feeple65 outfit. She has been very nice, easy to understand with what she was expecting from the commission, she paid very quickly and let me know when she recieved it. Very smooth and nice, thank you ^_^!