Feedback for blukissed

Apr 18, 2016

    1. If I've had a transaction with you, please post feedback here.

      Thank you! ^_^
    2. blukissed bought a Volks MSD outfit from me. It was a smooth transaction with prompt messages and payment. blukissed also let me know when the outfit arrived. Thanks for the great transaction!
    3. Blukissed just bought my Fairland MNF Risse that desperately needed a good home. Throughout the whole thing, Blu was super-friendly and very good at contacting/responding. Payment was superfast as well (gotta love that!). I was very pleased to deal with her. THANKS!!
    4. blukissed was a participant in my recent Makoeyes GO. It was a pleasure to have her as a participant. Swift payments, wonderful communication, and let me know when her eyes arrived~! I'd be happy to have her as a participant again~!