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Feedback for Bonnie @ divas*by*design

May 30, 2007

    1. Well, i bought model doll sized jeans from Bonnie.
      It was a great transaction!

      I asked her very much questions, and she answered allways imediatly and really friendly!
      We had great contact, and she was allways so nice!

      She often asked me how i want the jeans, with a lace up feature, or without, with light fabric, with sewed hem and so on.

      And she sewed the jeans so fast, and shipped it i can't belive it!

      I just recived the jeans, and it was packed in so great, and several times!

      I hope I can deal with her again, soon!
    2. My transaction with Bonnie could not have gone smoother. She created an exquisite outfit for my AoD doll from one of her Tyler creations and it fits her like a dream. She kept in contact with me the whole time and even sent me an extra gift when the outfit was shipped later than expected. Thanks so much for the beautiful garment from me and Mary!
    3. I bought a Soom Gena from Bonnie. She even made an out of stock outfit for me. It was a splendid transaction. Wonderful to work with.
    4. In past months I bought two beautiful SD outfits created by Bonnie.
      Everything was worth praise in these transactions: beautiful design and craftmanship, fast shipping, excellent customer service!
      Thanks Bonnie!
    5. I recently bought Bonnie's outfit Blue Blood, and I COULDN'T be happier. The outfit is beautiful, Bonnie was fantastic to do business with and she even customized the outfit to fit my Iplehouse girl!

      She answer every PM I sent her fast and friendly and I couldn't be happier with what I bought!
    6. I bought an outfit from bonnie ahd she customized to my MNF size. She reply promptly and send out the item fast. Great seller
    7. I've bought lots of stuff for Bonnie and it's always well made and fits beautifully. She communicates well and ships promptly. I highly recommend her.
    8. Bonnie bought some eyes from me. The transaction went so smooth! Thank you!
    9. I bought a wig from Bonnie. Very well made, so soft and fluffy! I adore it on my new girl. Communication was great and shipping was prompt. Thanks, Bonnie~~! :aheartbea
    10. I bought the most AMAZING mohair wig from Bonnie! It's fantastic. Great seller!
    11. Bought a pair of pants from Bonnie and she was a great person to deal with. She wrote back to me quickly, gave me all the details and then sent out the pants quickly. Also, the pants where great quality! Great seller! Thank you! :)
    12. what a wonderfull outfit i bought to bonnie ^^ my miryu was in her box , and now i will open the box in a hurry !!!! so nice and kind
      thank you ^_-
    13. I ordered an SD size boys outfit from Bonnie just recently and I must say that 'ALL' my transaction with her have gone super smooth. I never have a problem with getting what I want and the shipping/turn around time is always great. On this particular order however Bonnie let me do a layaway and I thought that that was SUPER NICE! :aangel: This just shows that she not only makes quality items but has a great :aheartbea!

      She is a :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar seller!

      Thanks Bonnie! It's always a PLEASURE doing business with you! :thumbup
    14. I purchased a gorgeous outfit for my Unoa from Bonnie. A++++

    15. I commissioned Bonnie to make me a fishnet shirt and she did so very quickly and cheaply! Shipping was also fast. Definitely will do business with her again!
    16. I bought the most georgeous green velvet dress and cincher from Bonnie. I can't wait to get it on my girl! The quality is exellent and the attention to detail amazing!

      Shipping came o/s via rowboat (no complaints tho!) so I had to wait (not her fault!) but it was well worth it.

      Thank you!
    17. Heheheee - me again!

      I bought some gloves from Bonnie. Once again service and communication were excellent. Postage was faster too - someone put a motor on the rowboat!!
    18. I comissioned Bonnie to sew me a special dress for my Elfdoll Pandora and I can not be happier :)
      The dress ist stunning, professional sewn and fits exactly. She made the dress very special to me and
      I am so happy:)
      Communication with Bonnie was smooth and always fast and friendly. I recommend her to anyone
      and will definately comission her again. She is such a sweetie to deal with.
      Packaging was also well and savely packed!
      It was a great experience to work with her and It will be a pleasure to do again :)