Feedback for Bonniepink

Feb 24, 2019

    1. This is a feedback thread for Bonniepink. Thanks for posting!
    2. I'm glad sales my Iplehouse Yui boy for @Bonniepink, now he's in good hands! @Bonniepink is a serious buyer, and pleasant person in communication. Payment was made quickly and accurately. I was extremely pleased to deal, only positive emotions. :)
    3. Bonniepink bought a never used Iplehouse short wig from me. She was prompt and very
      pleasant in her communication. She sent the paypal quickly - and - she let me know that
      the wig arrived safely and that she liked it too!
      Thanks for a lovely transaction!!!
    4. I sold a very old Iplehouse Mars head to Bonniepink. She paid immediately, answered all PMs promptly, and was fantasti to talk to. Thank you for helping me rehome my boy!
    5. I purchased an Iplehouse doll head from Bonniepink. She was wonderful with communication and keeping me updated, and shipped it very promptly. It arrived well packed and exactly as described. A thoroughly positive experience here!! :sumomo::sumomo::sumomo:
    6. Bonniepink bought from me several Volks costumes. It was a great deal: fast payment in full, friendly communication, the buyer immediately announced the arrival of the parcel! :3nodding: Great buyer! :3nodding:
    7. Bonniepink bought a Crobidoll body from me. The transaction was smooth and communication was great! Wonderful Transaction!
    8. Bonniepink purchased a Crobidoll head from me. Communication was excellent and payment was fast. A wonderful buyer and pleasure to deal with. Thank you.
    9. Transaction with Bonniepink was really smooth!!:) !! Thank you for buying, I would love to buy/sell with you again
    10. :pcupcake:bcupcake Positive Transaction :bcupcake:pcupcake

      I sold a crobidoll wig to Bonniepink. She was quick to make payments and communication was great!
      Really friendly buyer, definitely would deal again!! ^-^
    11. Sold an Angell Studio Ash head to Bonniepink. Smooth sailing from start to finish. Excellent communication, too! Thank you.
    12. Bonniepink bought a Luts Senior65 Diez from me. It was a pleasure selling to her. She was very sweet and friendly and she paid promptly. She told me right away when the package arrived. The communication was excellent. I highly recommend Bonniepink. It was overall a very pleasant experience. :)

      Thank you so much again! <3 <3
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    13. Bonniepink bought a Volks clothing from me. Everything was very smooth. She is very quick with response and payment. She also let me know right away when she received the item safely. Highly recommended!
    14. I sold volks outfit to Bonniepink and it was a perfect transaction. Very prompt communication and payment. Also kindly let me know when the package arrived. Very recommended buyer. Would love to deal with her again. Thank you again !!
    15. I sold a wig and jacket and was very pleased with the transaction.
      Communication was good and fast. Immediately let me know when packaged arrived safely ♥ Best ♥ A++
      Thank you !
    16. Bonniepink bought an old Iplehouse body from me. Payment was prompt, she was very friendly and the transaction was great all around. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. Definitely a recommended buyer!
    17. Bonniepink bought a pair of Tata grey jeans and a blue checkered shirt from me. The transaction went smoothly, with good communication and prompt payment. Overall a great buyer. Thank you!
    18. I sold Crobidoll Haz to Bonniepink. She was very friendly and comunication was good and fast. Just like the transaction. Absolutely great buyer!
    19. Positive

      Bonniepink bought a silver wig from me. she was super friendly and paid quickly as well as soon as the sale was decided.

      She let me know when it arrived to give me some piece of mind and has been pleasant to deal with throughout the whole transaction. would definitely do with business again.
    20. Bonniepink bought a CrobiDoll Jun from me and she was great.
      She paid super quickly and was friendly in conversation!
      Very smooth transaction! Thank you! ^_^