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Feedback for Booip

May 3, 2010

    1. Feedback for me goes here. I give you :pcupcake. Yum!

      Thank you! ^_^
    2. Boopi hosted a GO and everything went quick and smooth (except the shipping from kon-doll but that's not her fault!)! I recommend her!
    3. Booip hosted a GO I took part in. It went really well, she was great and she gave quick updates whenever she new something new. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
    4. I joined a GO with Booip, she was nice and gave quick updates and everything went well ^^
    5. I totally recommend Booip, I joined a group order she hosted and everything went realy well ^^
    6. I bought a ange ai Hani of Boopi and everyting went well. Quick shpping ,nice communication and the doll arriveed in good condition.She is reccomended by me!
    7. Booip comissioned a face-up from me. Fast communication, the transaction went well. I recommend her.
    8. Booip bought a MNF Shushu girl from me, and I have to say that the transaction was amazing. She paid lightening fast, was super communicative, and ultra polite and friendly. She let me know when her doll got to her, and was just a pure joy to work with. I would highly recommend Booip as a buyer, and would love to have future transactions with this member. <3
    9. I bought a LTF Ante Elf from Booip and it worked very well. I was able to divide my payment in two and our communication was great. She's always polite and friendly and I felt very safe during the entire thing. My girl is now home and I'm very happy that I bought her from Booip. I highly recommend Booip as a seller and wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again.
    10. I sold a MnF head to Booip, the transaction was perfect from start to finish. Booip had perfect communication throughout. I can highly recommend her as a model buyer.
    11. I bought a MNF Shushu head from Booip and I couldn't ask for a nicer transaction. Everything was smooth from start to finish, communication was great. Thank you so much, Booip!
    12. Booip bought a doll head from me, and everything went perfectly. She is a great buyer and a nice person too! Sell with confidence :) I would be very happy to do business with her again, thank you! :D
    13. Booip sold me her Minifee girl body. It arrived perfectly packaged and extremely quick. All messages were very pleasant and all responses so fast! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again! Thanks!!
    14. I purchased a Rheia head from Booip. She was friendly and courteous. My head arrived quickly and she was packaged with great care. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from her again. Thank you so much! <3
    15. I bought a MNF Miyu from Booip the communication was superb and really fast. She shipped her so fast I got her in not even a week after payment :D i would highly recommend and buy from her again!