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Feedback for Boombo

Aug 18, 2010

    1. Hi,

      please leave a feedback for me after any transaction with me ;-)

      Thank you very much :aheartbea
    2. I bought a torso from boombo and IT WAS EXCELLENT (all arrived quickly and safely!!!) Thanks again
    3. I have been holding back a little on my feedback for Boombo, but have since been approached by others experiencing the same silence treatment as I did and have decided I must post this entry after all.

      I am leaving neutral feedback for a transaction where I purchased a doll from Boombo. If neutral is not accepted, sadly I will have to label this as negative. However, everything did turn out fine in the end - I got the doll, without any damage.

      tl;dr - My two reasons for not being happy with this transaction are:
      a) It took two weeks from the payment was confirmed received until I received the tracking number.
      b) The doll was shipped in a bubble envelope.

      Details below, for those interested.


      My entry where I kept track of the progress after I'd purchased the doll: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...-400-349-201&p=7345262&viewfull=1#post7345262

      I paid for the doll via international bank transfer, and after the transaction went through, Boombo claimed she had recieved €35 less than asked for. I showed her a printout of my payment/withdrawal, and she said she would take the loss. She then asked if she could ship the doll in a smaller box, to which I agreed (the Lati boxes are ridiculously big, after all). It then took 10 days without me hearing anything from Boombo. I posted a worried comment on my flickr, to which she actually replied (while my PMs here on DoA were not returned). This was during a weekend, she said she was away for her bday but would provide the tracking number when returning home. The following Thursday I had still not heard from her and posted another comment on flickr. Again, it took her only a few hours to reply, and I got my tracking number around midnight that same day. Turned out, the doll had already arrived.

      Then, when I went to pick her up the next day, I was met with another huge worry - turned out, the "smaller box" was in fact a A4 sized bubble wrapper, folded in two. The only thing protecting the doll was a layer of bubble wrap around her body plus the cardboard envelope for her certificate (which of course had creases). However, the doll thankfully was unharmed, and arrived in the condition expected upon purchase.

      For future buyers from Boombo I would advice a confirmation about the shipping method (unless you are fine with shipping BJDs in envelopes), and also an agreement about the date where a tracking number should be presented.
    4. Can't seem to be able to edit entries here: "The following Thursday" should be Tuesday.
    5. well ... paid for my Lati yellow pirate Lea tan in Dec '10, nothing recieved yet ...
      and till January the tracking number isn't working either.

      Now she wasn't here till the 8th of Feb, no PMs, no mails, (maybe too much exams stress - huh?!)
      no sign of hope I'll get my Lati... :|

      I hope she will accept my Paypal request which I've send her yesterday....
      waiting what happens next .. I hope I don't have to employ a lawyer ...
    6. new update:
      fming through flickr, got my money back,
      but it's sooooooooooooooooooo sad my tan Lea got lost :(:(

      because of some HUGS pers. probs she couldn't respond as fast as she wanted.
      so neutral feedback for me, too

      Please for your future sellings:
      be informed about the shipping methods - and how much the post office will refund if the package got lost (again) ..
      everything would have been easier :sweat
    7. Hi, everybody

      I´m really sad, but I guess my feedback for boombo will not be good, too :(

      I bought a Lati Lumi from her last week and since i made the payment i didn´t hear anything from her :( At *yabe* the doll is still signed as payed, but not send and she doesn´t answer on my questions if she send her finally! So... what should I think about this non-reaction???? Is she ill? Is her pc broken, has she broken all 10 fingers - so she can´t write?

      I´m really upset to be treated like this!! I did nothing wrong... Do you have an idea what I should do with her?
    8. After all I have to change my feedback to something neutral-good :) my Lumi/Mila arrived today and I´m really happy with her. Boombo wrapped her very carefully and put the yellow Lati box also in another box! Everything arrived in a very, very well condition and so the only two things to criticize are the bad communication after I bought and paid the doll, and the long time it took her to get the parcel to the post office. The french post office and also the german were very fast!