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Feedback for Boots

Mar 23, 2009

    1. Gladly leave your first feedback ^^

      Boots purchased two mini DS from me. The communication was great, she's was nice to deal with and paid promptly. Thanks for a wonderful transaction, and till next time! =^_^=
    2. Ghita bought my pipi off me, her communication was great and she is one of the nicest people i have met on DoA, she is lovely. Payment was immediate and she let me know when Pipi arrived safely and sent me some adorable family pictures.

      Thanks so much Ghita, hope to meet you again!!
    3. Ghita and I did a trade: some wigs for a faceplate. The transaction was great, went smoothly, and she was wonderful to deal with. She also let me know when the wigs came in the mail. Thank you!
    4. Boots bought a faceplate and puki parts from me! She paid quickly and promptly and was great overall :) Thanks so much!
    5. Boots purchased a Dollzone Megi off me, she paid quickly and although we had some issues, she was very understanding.

      Thank you :)
    6. Boots bought some Delf hands and a couple other items from me - super friendly, everything went great :D
    7. Boots bought my Puki body from me. She paid the moment she recieved my paypal address and was an absolute pleasure to deal with! (She's so friendly!) Highly recommended buyer :)
    8. Boots bought a white wig from me and paid very quickly. She let me know when it arrived. I would not hesitate to work with her again in the future ^__^
    9. Bought a Pipi face from me, paid directly after deciding she wanted it and is very friendly. :)
    10. Boots purchased a Puki body and wig from me, she was lovely to trade with, paid super fast and let me know when it arrived safely :) this was our second transaction and i hope we meet again in ther future :)
    11. Wow this is now our third transaction, i'm running out of things to say! yes super fast payment, great communication again and she kindly let me know when the doll arrived :lol:
    12. great buyer of a pipos bunny i had for sale with superfast payment and great contact....was a really good transaction!!!!!thank you ^^
    13. Ghita bought a LTF pipi from me a while ago and although the transaction had some complications (ALL on my part!) we sorted it out! She was super patient and paid quickly - communication was great too! Thanks so much Ghita!
    14. Ghita purchased a wig and some LTF hands from me and the transaction went very well. Great communication, prompt payment and she let me know when the items arrived safe and sound. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again! Thank you!
    15. Ghita bought two dresses from me. Great communication, fast payment and she let me know when the dresses arrived.
      Thank you!
    16. boots purchased some clothes and shoes from me. she was very sweet, and the whole transaction went through without a hitch. i would definitely do business with her again. :D Thanks so much!
    17. I sold several dolly parts to boots and she was completely awesome the whole way. She's fast to respond and keeps good track of everything. Definitely recommend her!

      Thank you again, Ghita! :aheartbea
    18. Ghita/boots bought a bjd piggy from me. Communication was fast and good. Her husband came to pick up the doll, and paid at the same time. I would definitely recommend her!

      Tak for handelen :)
    19. Boots bought 2 Doll Leaves Rabbits, fast payment and good communication.