Feedback for Bowhead

Aug 30, 2018

    1. Hello all,
      Please leave feedback for me if we've ever shared a transaction. Many thanks in advance.
    2. Bowhead bought a doll from me. Excellent communication, prompt payment and a genuinely wonderful person to talk to. Thank you!
    3. Bowhead purchased a resinsoul tang from me. They were wonderful, made payments quick and was an overall pleasant person to converse with during her waiting process. (I included a free faceup and had some shipping problems :nosebleed )
      I would 100% Do business with Bowhead again!
    4. I was in a pajama swap with Bowhead, and wow, did she deliver! Amazing quality, super perfect, and exactly what my guy would have picked out if he had made it himself! Truly above and beyond. Great communication, friendly, timely, you name it. I hope to have many more interactions, I'm thinking we should set up a yearly gift trade?
    5. Bowhead participated in my Christmas Pajama swap. All gifts were sent on time, were thoughtful and of good quality. I'd definitely recommend them as a swap participant! :)
    6. Bowhead recently participated in my Swapoween 2019 Halloween swap and everything went amazing! She is a kind and considerate swap partner who sent beautiful gifts to her partner! I would love to have her in another one of my future swaps and recommend her to any other swap host! :)