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Feedback for Brahdelt

Dec 15, 2008

    1. This is a feedback thread about me. Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me. Thank you! :)
    2. Brahdelt brought a Crobidoll:CRWL-2 (Sweet Pink) from me, and the interaction went smoothly and wonderfully. Thank her for everything!
      Highly recommendable!
    3. Brahdelt bought from me some mohair wigs, transaction was extremely nice^^
      It would be a pleasure to do business with her again.
      Thank you :)

      Oh, and i bought cute hand made knitted sweater for my girls ~~
      I love it ^^

      highly recommended ^_^
    4. Brahdelt bought a Volks School A from me.

      Payment was very fast and excellent comunication. I highly recommend her as a buyer.

    5. I bought from Brahdelt a Latidoll Yellow Lami. I received the doll very quickly and in very good condition. Brahdelt offered me a pretty dress for my Lami. I highly recommend her as a seller.
    6. Bought Lati Benny from Brahdelt.

      Received the doll in excellent condition and fast shipping, friendly emails too!

      would do business any time with Brahdelt again

      Thank You
      LOOOVE my Lati!!
    7. I bought from Brahdelt Chrom's wolf legs. It was extremely nice transaction. Once again, THANK YOU :*
    8. Brahdelt did a short layaway for a Volks doll. Everything went very smoothly and it was a great transaction!
      Definitely recommend!!! :):):):)
    9. I painted Brahdelt's doll.
      Communication was fast, problemless and very friendly! Surely I will deal with Brahdelt again.
      Highly recommended! <3