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Feedback for BRANCHUCHAN

Sep 28, 2006

    1. Thank you to all that comment here. Good or bad feedback, all is welcome!

      I've bought and sold from far too many people for me to mention, so please do not be offended if I do not list your names!

    2. *Delightful* person to work with! Thank you so much again!
    3. she's really a good buyer ^^ nice to deal with~
      thank you very much ^O^
    4. Purchased a head from her. Very nice and of course the head was wonderful!
    5. She is a great buyer..glad to sell to her anytime!
    6. Branchuchan bought an item from me and was super awesome! Hope to do business with you again! THANKS!
    7. Branchuchan is a wonderful person to deal with ^_^ *Huggs to you*
    8. Sooo fabulous to work with! Fast payment and so sweet! I <3 tha Branchu :D!
    9. Great person to sell to. Always happy to conduct business with. :)
    10. hey dear, sorry i didn't do it sooner, i didn't have a computer till this morning. She was excellent to work with! Great communication!
    11. Very prompt payment and good communication. Great transaction. Thankyou :)
    12. Branchuchan bought some eyes from me ^^. Very quick payment & good communication! Pleasure to deal with :3.

      Thanks again!! Please enjoy the item :fangirl:
    13. Had an excellent transaction with Branchuchan!^_^ I highly recommend!
    14. Sold a couple things to her, great buyer!
    15. I traded Branchuchan a sweater for a pair of pants, and the entire transaction went very smoothly. Thanks!
    16. She's a great buyer,very nice to deal with, very reliable, very polite and considerate, what more is there to say! ^^
    17. awesome buyer!! reliable, nice and just plain great ^___________^
    18. Purchased an adorable pair of fuzzy slippers for my BJDs ... excellent transaction in every way, and super fast shipping too. Would certainly do business again and highly recommend to others!
    19. I had an excellent transaction with Branchuchan; she participated in my DIM headphones group order and paid me quickly for her order. She kept friendly correspondence and always got back to me promptly. Thank you for participating in my group order!
    20. Branchuchan bought a Lu-Wen head from me. She's wonderful. She asked me a layaway and she paid in advance !!! All was perfect :) She's so nice !! I recommend her to everyone.

      Thank you very much :)