Feedback for Brewsjoe

Jul 27, 2017

    1. If I have purchased from you or you have purchased from me and were happy with the transaction, please leave feedback. Thank you!
    2. Brewsjoe purchased an Iple head from me.
      Payment was quick, communication was prompt and friendly.
      I would happily sell to again, thanks much :)
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    3. I bought a Sira event faceplate from Brewsjoe.

      Communication was perfect, and I was thrilled s/he arrived a week later, packed safely and still in mint condition.

      I greatly appreciate the extra help finding the right international postal method for my budget. Thank you :)
    4. Your welcome Donna! Look forward to seeing what you do with the faceup! Cheers!
    5. Brewsjoe purchased an EID outfit from me and it was a great transaction. I highly recommend her as a buyer. :)