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Feedback for Brilcrist

Oct 8, 2010

    1. To all wonderful DOA'ers who had transactions with me, please leave your feedback below~

    2. Brilcrist bought an SD boy head from me. She was a delight, with great communication, and instant payment. It was a lot of fun to have a transaction with her. I highly recommend her for any purchases she might want to make. :)
    3. brilcrist commissioned me to paint her MnM Cass head, and she was a wonderful person to work with.
      Very understanding about the delays and gave very specific directions.
      She was also very encouraging and was over-all fast in paying and delivering.
      I wouldn't mind having another kind of transaction with her again! Highly recommended.
    4. Woohoo! I am here to add my two-cents about Brilcrist. I purchased a Soom Epidos human from the MP from her, and he was wonderful to work with. My pay schedule wasfloppy and kind of hectic, and because of Soom, my fial payment was delayed by three weeks, but she was a darling to work with, always kept in touch with me, and made sure I knew what was going on with him. He arrives a tiny bit scuffed from the jourey, but I love him to pieces. A stellar seller--kudos to you, dearest!
    5. brilcrist bought a doll head from me. Payment was quick and transaction was wonderful. A great DoA user! Thank you.

    6. Great buyer!! :D

      I sold my EID body from Iplehouse to her. She was so nice with PMs and paid right away. Everything went fantastic from the begining to the end. Highly recommended buyer!!

      Thanks a lot!!
    7. I bought an Iplehouse EID male body from bulcrist. It was in perfect condition, extremely well packed, and she even sent out extras because we had a shipping hiccup! I'm very very happy with this body and I couldn't be happier with this transaction-- thank you so much for selling me this body! :D
    8. brilcrist purchased a soom puss in boots human head from me and was very pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    9. brilcrist purchase wigs from me. She's quick at sending payment and was very patient throughout the transaction. Recommend to all sellers !
      Thank you very much.
    10. I bought Soom Puss in boots head from brilcrist. Good package, fast shipping and pleasant communication were great in our deal.
      Thank you very much!
    11. Bought Hyperon from Brilcrist, who allow me a long layaway, shipping was super fast, he arrive safe and sound and so lovely, thank you :)