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Feedback for Briseida

Nov 27, 2007

    1. Well, who have carried out transactions with me can leave here its opinion about my deal

      Thank you very much
    2. Briseida bought a doll from me and paid promptly with no problem. Wonderful to deal with, amazing communication and friendly. Would love to deal with her again^__^
    3. I don't like giving negative responses, but Briseida was going to purchase I-ra clothes from me, and when I had not sent them (I was recently in a car crash and I was having trouble reaching the post office to send them) she reversed the payment through her bank without warning or even opening an inquiry through paypal, leaving my paypal with an unsightly negative.
    4. Thanks for letting me know your item arrived! A quick and pleasant transaction ^^
    5. Prompt payment and very good communication. A very quick and easy international transaction.
    6. Briseda bought my vampire Breakaway, she paid in a timely manner and was very communicative which I appreciate. It was a rather smooth international sell which is definitely a plus. She's a real sweetheart, lovely to do business with. Thank you my dear.
    7. I sold a body to Briseida and the transaction was perfect. Everything was smooth. I would deffinately work with her again.
    8. I had a transaction with Briseida. Its a pleasure to do business with her. She's friendly and communicative. Payment fast too!

      Thanks Briseida!
    9. I had a great transaction with Briseida.
      Fast payment & great communication.
      It was a pleasure to deal with her.
      Highly recommend!!!!!!!
      thanks, Briseida!
    10. She bought a doll head from me and paid promptly. Would do more business with her.
    11. Bought my breakaway WS from her~ she is a really nice and friendly seller~ =D will deafinitely do business with her again~
    12. Briseida bought some items from me~and make a very quickly payment~~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^
    13. Briseida bought an 05' Vampire Breakaway from me. Paid immediatly and was very communicative. Wouldn't hesitate to sell to again! Hope he fidns a lot of love with you! :)
    14. I did a trade for doll heads with Briseida and it was a smooth transaction.
      Great and friendly communication and very trustly seller, we shipped our dolls at the same time.
      it arrived very well packed and safe.

      Thank you so much!