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Feedback for Britain

Aug 24, 2007

    1. I found no thread , so i'm making one for her. :)

      Britain bought a modded Dreaming El Head from me and she was a breaze to work with. She paid right away and kept in touch with me during the whole transaction.

      Thanks! :aheartbea
    2. I just sold her my Dreaming vampire tea and it was a very lovely transaction. Then again...having it in person and over a nice lunch just made it better! Wonderful communication, very sweet and nice to hang out with on top of everything.
    3. I purchased a Feeple Dreaming Moon vamp head from and it was one of the fastest transactions I've had. She shipped the head out the next day after recieving payment and packaged him very securely so as no damage would occur. Item arrived quickly and as described. Great seller. Thanks! ^^v
    4. Britain bought doll wigs from me. Smooth transcation with good communication and prompt payment, thanks!
    5. I sold a head to Britain and she was super sweet and nice to deal with and talk to. It was a very good transaction. Thank you so much!
    6. I sold a DZ tan yuu to Britain. She is lovely and very nice to communicate with. Payment is prompt. The entire transaction is very smooth. Thank you very much!
      Highly recommend!
    7. Britain bought a few accessories from me.
      Payment was swift, and communication was very clear.
      She was extremely understanding... great buyer!
    8. Britain purchase item from me~she paid fast and nice to communicate. Thank you!!!
    9. I sold a hat to Britain. Easy, perfect transaction! ^__^ Thanks!
    10. Britain participated in my recent Dollmore GO and was a pleasure to work with! I received fast payment and great communication. Seriously, we wouldn't have been able to reach our goal without you! Gladly work with you again!! Thanks so much! :)
    11. Brit bought a yoSD dress from me, she paid promptly and her communication was great! Thank you so much. ^^
    12. Britain participated in my Luts GO. She paid both invoices very quickly! ^_^ Great GO member!
      Thanks for joining!
    13. I was commissioned by Britain to paint her DOT Event head, and Tan El faceup. She is by far the person that I have done the best transaction with. She keeps constant communication and she gave me enough information and detail, plus references to get what she wanted. I loved this transaction and would do more with her in the future. ^ ^
    14. Britain commissioned me for faceups on her Yder and st.Coward's Ducan, and I couldn't be happier with the transaction. She was great with communication and instruction, and very excited and positive along the way! ^_^ I'd love to work with Britain again anytime.
    15. Positive!
      I bought a B&G body from Britain. She arranged to meet with me very quickly, and she was very friendly from the first message to the meeting.

      Thank you! :)
    16. POSITIVE.

      Excellent seller, REALLY nice, and shipped VERY fast!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for my Asher :D
    17. Britain bought CB Lance from me. She been so lovely and friendly. Have a smooth and speedy transaction with him. Fast on replying, fast payment, and she told me when the packed arrived at her side. :D
      The great buyer. I love to have transaction with him again.:)

      Thank you so much, dear Britain .....:D :D *hugs*
    18. Britain participated in my Dollmore GO >u< ! Organized, speedy replies and payment, and very friendly!

      I'd host her again without hesitation :D!
    19. Britain commissioned me to work on 3 dolls and OMG!!! I loved every moment! The PMs were amazing and she was always friendly and let me know exactly what she wanted for each head. She made me feel comfortable with the work and paid when she said she would. I would definitely do business with her any day, any time and I look forward to it ^_^

      A+++++++++++++++Client, truly!
    20. Another commission for Britain, this time for a faceup and ear blush on a Soom Amber. As before, everything went perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better customer, and I'd be happy to work with her again anytime! :)