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Feedback for Britt

Jan 13, 2007

    1. I couldn't find your feedback thread so I will start a new one, She bought an El head from me and was a great buyer. I received fast payment and a fast notification of arrival. I would love to transact with her again.
    2. I hate to leave negative feedback, but I feel that I should be honest in my dealings with Britt.

      I bought a SD Carrier and a MSD stand from Britt and paid by Paypal on April 12th. Britt said that she would ship out my stuff ASAP. I paid for Priority Mail shipping, because it only takes 2-3 days to arrive. I waited about a week, and nothing showed up.

      I PM'd her asking if she had a chance to ship my items out yet. She replied on April 23rd saying that she had been busy, and that she would ship my items out the following day. She also said that she would PM me to let me know when my items were shipped. I never received a PM from her, and waited but still no package arrived.

      I PM'd her several days in a row asking her if she had sent my stuff, and heard nothing from her. I checked her profile and saw that she had been on the forum! I was very annoyed that she didn't have the time to reply to me about my items. I no longer had anymore patience for her.

      On April 29th (18 days after I had originally purchased her items), I filed a claim with Paypal for a refund. I decided to take this action because she kept ignoring my PM's.

      On April 30th I finally get an apologetic PM from Britt explaining that she's sorry, and that she'll ship my items out soon. I told her that would like a refund instead, because after waiting so long with broken promises and non-existant communication, I didn't trust that she'd send my items out.

      Britt refunded me on April 30th, and added a few extra dollars to cover the Paypal fees. I think that was a very nice gesture on her part. I don't think she meant for this transaction to go bad, but, as a seller, she was very irresponsible in dealing with our transaction. I think I'd still be trying to get an answer from her if I hadn't filed the Paypal claim, because I think it forced her to deal with our transaction. Unfortunatley I wouldn't buy from her again.
    3. I bought a pair of Hound jeans from Britt plus first class shipping, and paid via Paypal on the 16th. I then pm'd her 3 days later asking if she got my payment all right and wanting to know what day she would be shipping my jeans, so I could make sure someone was home when they arrived.

      On the 24th I posted in her sales thread since she wasn't answering pms, asking had she shipped the jeans. She responded, saying that her internet hadn't been working and she would try to ship them if her parents got home in time that day.

      I waited a few more days, then she pm'd me on the 28th stating that her pm's had not been working, and that she needed my address to ship the jeans, which I know Paypal provides to the seller automatically when you pay. By this point I was angry and fed up, I had noticed she had been online during her days of silence also and I felt like I was being given a runaround and excuses. So that evening I opened a Paypal dispute, requesting that Britt send me the jeans by the 30th or I would like a refund.

      On the 30th, Britt pm'd me saying that she'd sent the jeans. I recieved them yesterday (May 3rd) they are clean and in good condition.

      I don't think that Britt meant to let it drag on this long, but I do feel that she didn't take her responsibility as seller seriously until I filed the Paypal dispute. I can't recommend buying from her.
    4. I purchased a Wig that Britt had up for sale. She had great communication during the transaction and had a very positive personality to work with. My item arrived safely (Secure to the point where a herd of disgruntled rhinos might not have done it much damage if they played soccer with it XD ) and within reasonable time due to outside factors, she put in a pair of pants and a hat as an apology :)

      It was overall a pleasant experience and I'd be more than happy to purchase from this user again. <3
    5. Bought a wig from Britt! Good communication and was very helpful throughout the whole process ^^ Highly recommended seller~
    6. I bought a pair of SD Jean capris from Britt.

      Quite frankly, she's a school student so time wasn't really an issue with me (as it was for a couple of others), and even so she shipped as soon as she could and it arrived safely on time. In the meantime, she kept in close contact with me (to the point where we ranted about movies and dolls and happy!), and I would buy from her again.

      Thanks for the jeans Britt! I realized just how skinny Cid was when I put them on him! He flashes people sometimes, its hilarious. xD


      (( P.S. Return feedback, please! =D ))
    7. I bought a hound cross shirt from Britt. The whole transaction took about a week or so. She replied to my messages in a timely matter and since we are both students, I understand time can be hard to find. I was pleased with her service and contact though. I would buy from her again. =D

      ((Return feedback? ^_^ Thanks))
    8. I bought a pair of SD boots from Britt and just recieved them yesterday. She was very nice and quickly answered my PMs and questions. The boots arrived in perfect condition and were securely packaged! I think she's a great seller and would buy from her again X3
    9. just got my wig through very quick and a nice person to deal with
      would be happy to deal with again!! :D
    10. I bought a leather jacket for a Hound from Britt. She took a little time to post it, due to exams, (she's a student) but kept me informed all the way. It arrived very quickly once posted and was well packaged and in great condition. She's very friendly and I would be very happy to buy from her again.
    11. I bought a Tiny Red Couch from Britt. Shipping was fair. I got my couch with in 11 days. The transaction was plesant, and I did recieve notice when my couch was shipped out.

      Thank you for the pleasant transaction!
    12. I sold a Sooah to Britt, and it was a very positive experience. :) She was prompt with payment and very communicative!
    13. I ordered cigarettes from Britt a few weeks ago. Her communication was very good and the product itself is just perfect. It did take a while for her to ship them, but being as they were ordered over the week of the fourth of July and she informed me that the midweek holiday had thrown her off (which I can understand, I felt the same way that week *_* ), I was more than ready to let such things slide. Highly recommended seller!
    14. Britt was fantastic, esp since she braved illness to meet me at the biggest mall I have ever seen to make sure I was happy with our deal. I bought her beautiful Sooah and I am so in love with this girl, I am thrilled I asked Britt to meet me and make my DH's business trip to Philly area for me wonderful. Hugs and many thanks, MK

      PS Hope your better, poor thing was sick while waiting for me.
    15. I participated in a group order from luts run by Britt. It went well and was a lot cheaper than if I'd have done it on my own - thanks!
    16. Wonderful Luts group order you ran. I liked how you kept us all well informed of what was happening. I just recieved my minifee hands today! Thanks so so much for doing the order! Definately would join again in the future!
    17. I bought a hat from Britt, she is very friendly and was very quick with shipping.
      The hat looks great, highly recommended seller!!!!
    18. Did a trade with Britt, everything was great on her end. She sent the body and everything was as described.
    19. Britt bought a pair of Souldoll eyes from me, and was very patient with me (I forgot to send the eyes before I went on vacation @_@). Very nice person to do business with! Sorry again about the delay! XD;
    20. Gave Britt my DS Bernards head to do a face up on at a meet up. Took a little time..and I was worried about his head getting done but she got him done and sent him back to me and he looks wonderful. She did a great job. The communcation could be worked on...but other then that she's amazing.