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Feedback for broken

Dec 7, 2007

    1. Please leave feedback if you have had a transaction with me. Thank you.
    2. I purchased a School C head from broken... wow, a couple of years ago? But I remember the transaction was flawless!

    3. I bought an SD16 Yukinojo from broken when he was first released--she was very clear and straightforward all through the transaction, kept me posted whenever there was news about shipping dates, and was quick to answer questions whenever I had any. Two thumbs way up! :daisy
    4. Broken bought a Luts peach wig from me, and everything went smoothly. :) No complaints here.
    5. I bought my yo-sd Anne from her, just after they were sold out at Volks after event. She is a really nice person to do business with, great communication and fast shipping.

      I highly recommend Broken.
    6. I purchased a head from broken. Fast shipping and great comminucation. Smooth transaction, no problem at all. The head arrived as perfect as in descriptions. Thank you! :)
    7. bought an outfit from broken, it was well packed and arrived earlier than i expected. thank you~
    8. I bought the Robe a la Francaise White Version from broken!

      She responded quickly to my inquiry and the communication is great!

      She also allowed me to do a very short layaway plan for the dress set. :D

      Shipping was very quick! Upon receipt of my last payment, she shipped my item the next day and sent me a message with the tracking number.

      The dress arrived today in perfect condition and it is complete!

      I highly recommend broken as a seller. She is very professional and very nice to deal with. The whole transaction went smoothly and it was very pleasant! :kitty2

      I will not hesitate to buy from her again:love

      Thank you so much for letting me buy your beautiful dress set!:fangirl:
    9. I bought a head from broken, and the whole transaction was quite smooth and efficient. ^^ Shipping was quite fast and she was quite friendly and communicative throughout. I'm quite happy with the transaction and would definitely buy again.

    10. Smooth friendly transaction. Would definitely purchase from broken again! Thanks!
    11. I bought some btssb msd white shoes from broken, her communication was great but how she packed the shoes was unsatisfactory. There was no padding or bubble wrap used and it was just thrown in a inside-out priority mail bag so the box that the shoes came in was bent and dinged since it had no protection. The shoes arrived safely but I was not happy with how the shoes were packed since I'm keeping the box to store the shoes when I'm not using them.
    12. I bought a Yo Tenshi Yayoi from her and it was shipped quick :) Response was quick and item was in perfect condition !

      Thank you !
    13. I purchased white volks boots from broken. She replied very quickly to pm’s, and they arrived in wonderful condition, exactly as described. I love the boots, thank you very much.
    14. Bought a Sakaki head from Broken and he arrived in perfect shape promptly. :D Thanks very much!
    15. I bought the Volks SD13 Boy School Uniform set from broken.

      She replied promptly to my message and shipped my package quickly!

      The item arrived in great condition.

      Thanks again for the great transaction~ :D
    16. I have bought a pair of shoes (Dollpa oliver high heels) from Broken
      Everything was okay ^_^

      note: shipping takes time to France ^^;
    17. I bought a head from Broken :)
      Excellent seller. She's very kind, friendly and helpful. Head arrived fast and was well packed. Definitely would recommend her!

      Thank you so much :D!
    18. I bought a Sd16 outfit from her. It came very quickly and just as described. A very smooth and easy transaction. None better.
    19. I bought a few Volks things off broken.
      paid: April 28
      shipped: May 16

      broken always responded within a few days to PMs and I never felt I'd lost communication. The clothes were also very nice and in perfect condition.
    20. I bought my dear lovely Yayoi-chan from broken. The whole transaction has been perfect. Broken is very kind, answered all my questions and kept me informed everytime. The girl arrived this morning and in perfect conditions, just as described. Thank you so much!