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Feedback for Bronwen

Oct 22, 2008

    1. Hi all! I've had many wonderful transactions with DOA members so I'm starting a feedback thread. I hope everyone has enjoyed working with me. :)

      I also have lots of feedback on eBay with my store, thebronshop, for those who want to see the longer history.
    2. Bronwen organized a group order (Resinsoul/Bobobie) that I was part of and did an excellent job of it - great communication, great organization, everything shipped in a timely manner. Thank you so much!
    3. Bronwen was a pleasure to deal with on this Resinsoul group order. Very easy-going and accommodating and efficient with all these resin babies invading her home :)
    4. Bronwen handled the Group Order quite well, I would definitely do business with her without hesitation.
    5. I was a part of the Resinsoul/BB group order Bronwen organised. She handled everything beautifully from the organization to the shipping. I wouldn't think twice about joining another of her orders or doing business with her again :)
    6. I sold a Unoa face-late to Bronwen.
      The transaction went smoothly with good communication.

      Thanks again~

      - Nicole
    7. I was part of the Resinsoul/BBB GO, too. She did a great job! So good I joined another one even.
    8. I was part of the Resinsoul GO, and Bronwen was a fantastic organizer. She did a great job, fast shipping, fair pricing - and she included little gifts! I am so pleased with Bronwen, I wouldn't hesitate to join on any other group order she does!
    9. Awww! Thanks guys! I had fun working with all of you too, and looking forward to doing more group orders. :D
    10. Bronwen bought an AOD body from me, she was great to work with, communicative, and very nice :)
    11. i participated in bronwen, first resinsoul/bobobie group order and i'm very happy with the experience. very professionally run GO , excellent communication and shipping was prompt.
      my order was well packed (plus some lovely little presents) and the items were wonderful.
      definitely raccomended!!
    12. Bronwen was great to deal with! I bought her sprite head from her, and was surprised to see some extras. It was superbly packaged and she was very pleasant and replied very fast!

      Here is her previous Lily, remade into my new version of Sybil! (I added in the eyelashes and added Sybils beauty marks in ^^)

    13. Oh WOW Elzamine! Sybil is gorgeous! I am so happy to see Lily so beautifully transformed.
    14. Was part of the resinsoul/bobobie GO organised by Bronwen. Everything was handled smoothly and communication was constant and friendly. Speedily shipped and arrived perfectly ^^ Thank you
    15. I took part in a Resinsoul group order for a doll body and it went very well! She included great gifts and communicated constantly. I would participate in an order with her again.
    16. I joined a Bobobie/Resinsoul group order run by Bronwen. She has been great about keeping us updated on the status of the order, and got everything to us very quickly despite shipping in the middle of the winter holidays. All-in-all a very wonderful experience and I'd happily recommend her to anyone.
    17. I was part of Bronwen's Bobobie/Resinsoul group order, my first group order, and I don't think there could have been a better First experience. There was plenty of updating on status and the most adorable extras ever. Here's to hoping she runs more orders for companies I'm interested in. <3
    18. I was also part of Bronwen's Bobobie/ResinSoul GO. Bronwen was very nice, kept everyone updated about the transaction, etc. All of my items were shipped from her on time, and were well packed. I would do business with her again in a heartbeat. <3
    19. Brownwen is a very honest and responsible person. She was running a group order, but when part of the ordered items didn't arrive she tried to work it out. Very responsive and prompt to messages. Unfortunately things didnt work out but she issued a refund in good order. Thanks much for everything, Brownwen, and sorry about the trouble.
    20. Bronwen purchased a doll on layaway from me. She was swift and responsible with the payments, and paid off sooner than expected. Sweet girl to work with.