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Feedback for Brooksie

Sep 2, 2006

    1. Hi guys, please leave any feedback for me here. It's a pleasure doing business with you!

    2. I've had several great transactions with Brooksie. She's always quick to pay and quick to reply to pm's! :)
    3. Feedback:

      Wonderful/Positive Transactions
      sewaddictd: wigs and wigs
      wc_dragon: clothes
      zilaw: clothes
      SDink: face-up
      PamSD: clothes
      Pepstar: face-up, mod
      Azurielle: clothes and more clothes
      Alodia: bow, arrows, quiver
      Lillykoi/Enigmadoll: face-up, mod two wonderful dolls
      Staci: doll
      Emberly: ear mods
    4. Brooksie is awesome to deal with, very quick and very friendly :D
    5. great transaction! payment was quick and communication was friendly and fast.
      Thanks again! You are a super buyer :)
    6. I just finished a commission for Brooksie, my second one in fact, and she is wonderful to deal with. The perfect customer! I cannot reccommend her enough! Thank you so much! :daisy
    7. awesome and fast transaction! payment was very quick and kept in comunication. would definetly do business with again!!!
    8. Brooksie participated in a Minimee group order I hosted. Communication was excellent and friendly, and payment was very prompt. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. ^_^
    9. More great tranactions:

      Lossefaire: Minimee group order
      Sabrielle: Minimee head & face-up
    10. Brooksie participated in a GO I ran. She was great and paid fast. Highly recommend. Thank you
    11. I sold some dragons for her dollies and she paid super fast! Thanks so much :D
    12. Brooksie is great to deal with. She participated in my recent GO and was fast-paying and friendly. Thanks!