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--Feedback for Bubblefox---

Jun 22, 2012

    1. Hello! If you ever had a transaction with me, please leave feedback in this thread! Thank you! :)

      Postive: 0
      Neutral: 0
      Negative: 0
    2. Positive!

      Bubblefox bought clothes from me, her communication is perfect and super fast payment! I enjoy doing transaction with her. Thanks so much, Bubblefox!
    3. Positive!

      Bubblefox bought a MNF Shushu Head from me and the communication was really good and payment came in very fast. I hope to transact with you in the future. Reccomended.
    4. Bubblefox bought a Minifee Shushu A-line on NS from me. Everything went fine, communication was great and we quickly came to a mutual agreement on pricing and conditions for the sale. Thank you so much Bubblefox! I hope you enjoy her and I know she's in loving hands.
    5. I participated in Bubblefox´s Soom´s Picro fullset split and i took Picro´s dress set, shoes and eyes. Everything went wonderfully!, She is nice, smooth and communicative. She inform us with all the split process. When the order arrived she shipped the items fast and was very patient and kind with my worries about the shipment of my items (wich have arrived very quickly and without problems). Very great user. I wouldn´t hesitate to reccomend her to all and to make more deals with her in the future. Thanks for everything. Thanks for everything. :):)
    6. I bought a Zaoll Luv from Bubblefox. Everything was great! Communication was always friendly and the doll arrived safely packed!
      Thanks for letting me adopt him! :)
    7. Positive!!
      I bought a pair of Feeple60 hands from Bubblefox and received them extremely well protected and in perfect condition.
      There was excellent communication throughout and I'd love to do business with her again.

      Thank you very much!!
    8. Bubblefox bought a Soom Dia head from me and it was a fantastic transaction. Communication was excellent, payment was fast and she let me know when he arrived. Overall she's a lovely and really friendly person to deal with! Highly recommended buyer! Enjoy your new boy! :D
    9. Bubblefox sold me a Dollzone Dale head and it was a perfect transaction . The package was very well packed and sent quickly :)
      Thank you !
    10. Bubblefox bought a Lati Yellow doll from me, communication was polite, friendly and fast, as was the payment, Thank you! I'm so glad you are happy with little Noa too <3 :D
    11. I recently purchased a FL Moe Celine from Bubblefox who just arrived to me safe and sound. She was lovely to work with, and very friendly to me throughout, and was kind enough to work with me when the tracking didn't want to cooperate. >< Celine was packed with care, and I couldn't be happier. Bubblefox is someone I wouldn't hesitate to work with again. ^^ Thanks dear!

    12. I bought a Fairyland MiniFee Juri 2008 via layaway from Bubblefor. The transaction was smooth and Bubblefox was awesome to deal with. She was friendly and helpful, replied very fast and noticed once she shipped the doll out. On Monday the doll arrived and was perfectly packed. I would definitely buy from her again.
    13. :sumomo: Positive.

      I bought a Merry Doll Roung Fang head from Bubblefox. Everything went smoothly, communication was fast and the package was shipped promptly ^__^ When it arrived, it was in perfect unused condition as stated and was wrapped very safely. I also want to say I was very happy I was able to buy a Fang at retail price on the secondhand market!
      A very happy customer! Would definitely buy from again~
    14. I sold a doll head to Bubblefox, she was thorough with her communication & payment went smoothly :thumbup:thumbup for a great transaction.
    15. I sold the Soom Arkose wings to Bubblefox and it was excellent transaction. Fast payment and good communication made it a perfect transaction. Thank you!
    16. I bought a Lati yellow from Bubblefox.
      The communication was perfect very kind Person.
      The shipping was very fast and safely wrapped.
      The Doll arrived in perfect condition.
      I am very happy with all and definitly would buy again from her .
      Thank you so much!
    17. Positive,
      Bought her April Story New Ishyllia Dreaming.
      It was perfectly packed an she layed it out perfectly.
      Thanks again
    18. I bought a Minifee New Family head from Bubblefox and everthing went smoothly. She was quick to reply and shipping was fast. The head was nicely packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend her as a seller and buy from her again. Thank you! :)
    19. I bought a Fairyland Feeple65 Lorence FullSet from Bubblefox.
      Smooth communication : Bubblefox is sympathic, polite and reply fast to MPs. The doll was sent fast and really well packaged. It had some minor default that weren´t listed in the sale (small chipping) but nothing bothersome.
      Overall I am really pleased with the transaction and recommend her as a seller.
    20. I bought a Soom Snow White from @Bubblefox
      It was very pleasant transaction. Good and friendly communication, very quick shipping and great care about doll packing.
      I'm very thankful to @Bubblefox!