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feedback for bubblegirl23

Mar 26, 2009

    1. if we've had a transaction, please leave me a feedback comment :)
    2. Sal sold be a beautiful LY Lami on Flickr, she came wonderfully packaged and very fast, could NOT be happier!!!!

    3. I bought a bambicrony from Sally , and I thrilled with my purchase
    4. very kindly sold me tan elf flower garden miel, that I'm super happy with :)
      thank you for letting me get my dream doll! :)
    5. Bought 2 Yo sized dresses from Sal.Very smooth transaction.She shipped the dresses out fast and I got them faster than expected.Thank you.
    6. I bought a beautiful Littlefee Ante from Sal. She was wonderful to work with and shipped my girl super fast! Thanks so much. :)
    7. bubblegirl23 bought my Lati (Sp) White Lily from me and was very wonderful to work with and paid very promptly. Despite hitting a rough spot with the doll taking a long time with shipping, she was very patient with me and willing to work something out should the doll never arrive, which it thankfully did. I would love to work with her again.
    8. bubblegirl23 bought my tan Lati Green Lea from me. She was wonderful to work with - prompt payment, great communication, and let me know promptly when she arrived. Would absolutely work with again. Thanks! <3
    9. bubblegirl23 recently bought a doll from me. It was a perfect transaction -- good communications, quick payment and immediate notification when doll arrived safely. I wouldn't hesitate to buy/sell/trade again in the future. Thanks again! :)
    10. Bought a LF Leah from Sal and she was wonderful to do business with-Excellent communication friendly and funny, great doll-A+++ all the way- Thanks so much Sal :)
    11. I bought a doll from bubblegirl23 and everything went perfectly. A highly trusted seller!
    12. I totally forgot to leave feedback for bubblegirl23! :doh I am SO sorry, sweetie! :blush

      I adopted a LaTi Yellow Tan Pirate Lea from bubblegirl23 in March. She was WONDERFUL work with! She put Lea on layaway for me for about a week, then shipped her right to the Face-Up Artist after payment as well! Saving me time and money! :whee: :whee: :whee: I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again! :fangirl:

      Thanks SO much, S! :daisy

    13. I had a fabulous dolly transaction with bubblegirl23 :D She adopted my Lati Yellow Byurl and was super nice to work with. bubblegirl23 is friendly, responsive and totally reliable. I wouldn't hesitate to do dolly business with her again.

      Thanks so much! :lol:
    14. I sold a Lati Lea head to bubblegirl23 and all was fine :) She's a great buyer! Thank you!
    15. bubblegirl23 bought a lati body from me and it could not have been a smoother transaction! She paid immediately, communicated brilliantly and was a joy to deal with. I'd definitely enjoy the opportunity to deal with bubblegirl23 again.
    16. I sold bubblegirl23 my Iplehouse ebony Erzulie. Payment send quickly. All perfect. No problem. Very friendly communication. :lol:
      Thank You very much:daisy:daisy:daisy
    17. Sal bought my Iplehouse Tatiana. She is very very friendly and patiently. The payment was very fast. It was a pleasure to deal with her. Thanks, Sal. :o)
    18. Sold my JID Amy on layaway to Sally. All payments were on time if not early and just overall a perfect transaction. Great communication and super nice person, couldn't ask for more! :) Thanks again!
    19. Sally purchased a puki juri from me. She is a lovely person and very pleasant to deal with! The tracking information on the package didn't update for 3 weeks, but she remained in contact and stayed calm until it arrived safely home. She was a joy to deal with I would love to work with her again!

      Thank you! :D
    20. Bubblegirl23 purchased a Puki Pong from me on layaway; her payments were prompt and communication was good. I would be happy to work with her again!