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Feedback for buboplague

Oct 27, 2008

    1. feedback~ I plan on swaping/buying some things, so I figured I'd set up a feedback thread. :hamster:
    2. I didn't see one of these so I figured I would make one.<33

      I recently did a trade with buboplague, and they were simply wonderful to deal with! I can't thank you enough for being patient with my slow responses and such, I apologize! But the transaction went very well, I love the shirts. <33

      Thank you again, and I'm sorry for any delays!<33 I would gladly do business with you again. :)
    3. thank you for making a thread for me! haha <3 and thanks again for the trade~~
    4. I did a swap with Buboplage for a scarf which was well made (^w^). She replied to my PMs quickly and sent the item fast. Thanks so much :daisy!
    5. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    6. I bought a Dollheart heat from buboplague and it was shipped very fast, received in mint condition, her PMs were always friendly and the communication excellent ;)

      Thanks so much! A real pleasure to deal with <3
    7. I bought a Dollheart MSD sized decorative pin from Buboplague. It was the only thing that she was selling/trading that I was interested in purchasing. Even though it was the Christmas season she was prompt at communicating. She is an excellent packer and shipped the pin out the next day after receiving payment. I would recommend her to anyone thinking about making a purchase.
    8. I bought a DollHeart SD Blue Blood jacket from Buboplague, and it was in great condition, as stated. Communication was great as well.
      I'd recommend her. Thank you Bubo~!
    9. very fast shipping and very lovely to deal with!
      would definitly buy from again!
    10. I'm sorry this feedback is so late! *_* I bought a black fur wig from buboplague and the transaction ran very smoothly. Communication was great and shipping was fast. Thank you so much!
    11. buboplague purchased a shirt from me. :) Excellent communication and fast payment. A wonderful buyer! Thanks for the great transaction, buboplague. :whee:
    12. i bought an sd size boy's school uniform outfit from buboplague and a DOD wig! perfect conditi and really really fast shipping! also, FANTASTIC communication! thank you so much! 100% awesome!
    13. I purchased a Dollheart "StreetRaider" skirt form buboplague. Excellent communication and the fastest shipping times I've ever witnessed. An excellent seller, hightly recommended.
    14. I sold buboplague a pair of msd glasses. Excellent and fast communication. Thank you!
    15. Buboplague participated in my first GO. She was easy to communicate with and paid right away.

      Thank you for joining my GO! <3
    16. Buboplague participated in both my Dollmore and Leekeworld GO. She paid promptly and was great to deal with. Thanks!
    17. buboplague joined in my split of Soom MD and great to work with. Paid quickly and always keep good communication. Thank you very much!
    18. buboplague participated in my LUTS GO a few months back. payment was quick! Very understanding towards everything! Thank you so much for joining~ and helped making my first GO a successful one! ^_^
    19. Buboplague was again in my other Dollmore GO and everything went smoothly. Thank you!
    20. I bought a pair of Soom eyes from Buboplague and everything went great. I would definitely buy from again! And it was much faster and easier than buying them from Soom. Who knows how long that would have taken?

      Thanks so much!!!