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Feedback for Bunnii

May 8, 2007

    1. Please post here if you have had any transactions with me and how they went: Buying, Selling or Trading. Thank you!
    2. Bunny did a faceup for me, and not only was she very enthusiastic, she took all my suggestions for wee changes in great spirits. The way she paints lips is positively amazing! I give her a ten out of ten!
    3. I traded wigs with Bunnii and had a very pleasent and smooth transaction with her! The new wig looks great on Kyle! Thanks a lot! ^^
    4. Bunnii bought my DoD Leya, Anya, about 2 years ago, and I couldn't have sold her to a more wonderful buyer! Bunnii rocks, she has excellent communication, she has done wonderful things with the doll I sold her, and other than being an amazing buyer in terms of speedy payment and open lines of communication... she's an EXCELLENT owner!!! I'm very pleased with my transactions with Bunnii :)
    5. Bunni and I swapped each other a few items, and she was wonderful! She included an extra and adorable hat for free! I would definatly swap Bunni again!
    6. I had a wig trade with Bunni and the item wig gotten here super fast. xD Very nice communication and very friendly. i wouldn't hesitate to make and another dealing and definetely recomanded her to you all. <33