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Feedback for: *bunnylungs*

Nov 23, 2010

    1. if you have done business with me, please leave a comment about how it went here.
      if you had a negative experience, plis be kind to contact me first.

      thank you very much.:aheartbea
    2. Bunnylungs bought my Soom Chalco hands. She was prompt with payment and an absolute pleasure to deal with - I'd totally work with her again in the future, and recommend others be willing to do so as well. Most enjoyable experience I've had thusfar on DOA.
    3. I bought a pair of wings from Bunnylungs, and she is honestly the best seller I have ever dealt with. She went way above and beyond to resolve an issue that wasn't even her fault!! I highly recommend Bunnylungs: she is honest, fast with communication, uses lots of bubblewrap, and really seems to care about the transaction from start to finish.

      Thanks Bunnylungs, you're awesome! :D
    4. I bought Chalco hands from bunnylungs. She was very quick in communication and very friendly. The shipping was really fast.
      The hands were packaged to ship very securely and arrived safely.

      bunnylungs, thanks a lot for a wonderful transaction! I would be glad to do business with you again! :)
    5. bunnylungs lungs sold me a pair of Soom sprite Mixi parts (legs). PERFECT transaction. Very good price, good quality, SUPER FAST shipping! Thank you so much!! I highly recommend dealing with bunnylungs!! <3
    6. bunnylungs was part of a Soom Haidi &#8211; Snowflake Sprite split that I ran. She was very nice to work with & sent payment right away. I would do business with her again ^____^
    7. bunnylungs bought a Luts MSD Ani from me & the transaction was perfect from start to finish. She paid promptly and maintained consistent friendly communication throughout. She even let me know the doll arrived savely. I would do business with her agin in a heartbeat!
    8. bunnylungs bought a dollzone momo doll from me, everying is good during the transaction, thanx so mych!
    9. I bought a pair of Notdoll Belladonna heads from *bunnylungs* on layaway. She packed them up super-safely and they arrived safe and sound and gorgeous. :D Thanks so much!!
    10. Bunnylungs sold me the fullset outfit and wig of DC bella. it was everything safely packed, and the transaction was sweet and smooth.
      I've been really happy and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again! thank you so much!
    11. I bought a Lina head from bunnylungs and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. The transaction was smooth and the head was shipped as promised with careful packaging. Thank you so very much!
    12. Bunnylungs Bought a Delf Lu-Wen head from me. Communication was great, payment was swift and it was a wonderful transaction in its entirety. I'd be happy to do business with her again!
    13. I bought a pair of Souldoll horns from her. Communication was excellent and the horns arrived well within the promised timeframe. Great horns, wonderfully painted, in excellent condition!
    14. I've bought a Haidi dress form bunnylungs. It had been a great transaction. Very good communication and she shipped out very fast. Of course the dress had been in fine condition too.
    15. Bought an Angeldoll Yuri head with lovely faceup and eyes from bunnylungs.

      Talk about nice - she's so friendly and included some cute freebies too. The parcel was very well wrapped and she did her best to post the head sooner rather than later even with her busy schedule <3

      Thank you so much for a smooth, pleasant transaction, I recommend bunnylungs to everyone!
    16. I bought a dol from bunnylungs, she is AMAZING seller, and such a lovely person to work with :)
      Doll was perfectly packed and send with a care.

      I wish to have all transactions such smooth and in a such friendly atmosphere.
      THANK YOU :)
    17. I bought Phonolus head with make up from bunnylungs. It was a great experience as she is very nice and approachable person.
      The head was wrapped very well and come to me fast with some cute free stuff.

      I recommend doing business with bunnylungs as everything went as smooth as one can wish for.
    18. I bought Soom limited ear parts from bunnylungs. She is very nice and approachable person.

      The parts was wrapped very well and come to me fast in a beautifull box in excellent condition!

      I highly recommend dealing with bunnylungs!!

      Thank you so much :)
    19. I bought Soom Sphaler horns from bunnylungs.
      Everything went perfectly and she was very nice seller. Thank u!
    20. I did a trade with bunnylungs and it was absolutely perfect. Her communication was fantastic and she's such a lovely person to deal with. I would gladly do another transaction with her. Thank you so very much.