Feedback for Byke Stegosaurs

Jan 6, 2007

    1. If you've bought or sold anything from/to me :D Please leave feed back here! I'll be sure to do the same for you!!
    2. I bought a hat from byke stegosaurs and it's really cute! The hat came next day after she shipped it out! Excellent seller, will buy again!

      Thanks alot!
    3. I've ordered from byke twice so far and she's been fantastic on both occasions. :)
    4. I bought a wig from byke and it looks awesome! She made it exactly how I asked. :D
      She's very prompt with communication also. I'll be buying from her again! :)
    5. I bought some rubber sweet from Byke Stegosaurs and she shipped them fast and was very nice in contact! :)
    6. We ordered a Felix hat from byke stegosaurs which we got in less than a week. It is so cute and well made. My MNF Shiwoo LOVES it! Thanks so much.
    7. I commissioned some SD pants from byke stegosaurs and they're great! Very well made and fit very well. LOVE them! Thanks :D :D
    8. I commissioned a Dir en grey t-shirt and a wig from Byke and they look great. She's really good at responding to PMs and answering questions!
    9. She bought my Homme Ducan and most importantly he is going to a good home.

      Also paid quickly and was very nice to deal with. =D
    10. Bought some clothes from her. Great transaction! And fast shipping.
    11. byke stegosaurs participated in my dollmore group order, and all went well. very friendly and quick payment.
    12. Bought a hat from Byke a couple weeks ago...Arrived fast...Just forgot to post this...She is wonderfull to work with and currently getting my dolls face-up done by her.
    13. I recently sold my Tender Too to byke and she was a dream to deal with. She's quick to respond to PMs, kept me up to date about when to expect payment, sent payment promptly, and let me know as soon as she received him. I'd gladly do business with her again. :)
    14. I ordered a black fur wig from byke. She was very prompt in responding to PMs and she made the wig exactly how i asked for it. I will probably buy from her again. <3
    15. I comissioned some shirts from Byke Stegosaurs and she was great to deal with. She did a great job of keeping contact and updating me on what was going on, when she'd be shipping, etc. I'd buy from her again!
    16. Very nice person to deal with :) I bought a wonderful doll from her... and now I'm the happiest 'mom' in the world :D
      Once again thank you XD
    17. omg! I can't believe I haven't left feedback for you yet. *facepalm* I R SMRT.

      Anyway, Kayla is a dream to work with. I bought a darling Tender Too from her, and she even let me pay for him on layaway. <3 Here he is today, in all his preppy glory!


      Kayla was even going to participate in a Luts group order I was going to run, but due to payment issues with Luts, I had to cancel it. But she paid quicker than you could blink and was so sweet to work with.

      Kayla's one of my favorite people here on DoA, and I know you'll love working with her!
    18. I just bought a pair of jeans from byke stegosaurs. They were shipped out quickly and safely. Highly recommended! Thanks! :)
    19. participated in another one of my dollmore orders! great to deal with as usual, quick payments and very friendly! Always glad to do business with!
    20. Byke Stegosaurs bought a wig from me recently. She payed right away and is a great person to do business with!