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Feedback for Byzantine

Jan 6, 2008

    1. Transaction thread.
      Thanks in advance for your comments on any dealing with me.
      mostly buying right now.
      I do intend to sell eventually. :sweat
    2. I sold peroth's head to Byzantine!
      She is a nice buyer~ >.<
      Fast Transaction, Good Communication ^^
      Thank you so much!
    3. I bought a Esthy Peroth head from Byzantine. She was amazing to deal with, the shipping was very fast and I would gladly purchase from her again :) Thank you Byzantine ^_^
    4. I've just purchased a Shinydoll Thaasa body from Byzantine and the transaction was great. The body was very well packaged (along with some free gifts!) and very quickly posted.
      Thank you Byzantine :)
    5. I bought a Kill_U head from Byzantine. Package was shipped exactly when promised
      and the head was secured well with goodies to accompany it in the package :)
      Lovely and professional to deal, with I'm very satisfied with this transaction!
    6. I purchased a Littlefee Shiwoo from Byzantine. The well packaged doll was shipped promptly and arrived with not only the items included in the sale, but some wonderful extras as well. Communication was excellent and I felt the price was very reasonable. I would gladly purchase from Byzantine again.
    7. I bought her Ringdoll Dylan.
      Wonderful transaction! Super fast and safe shipping and beautiful doll with nice extras.
      Thank you very much!
    8. Bought a Delf Moon from Byzantine and everything went very quickly and smoothly. Thanks very much!