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Feedback for c14chan

Mar 30, 2011

    1. Hi~ ^_^
      Please leave feedback here if you have a transaction with me
      Thank you very much XD...
    2. I sent my boy to c14chan for face-up painting and he just came home a few days ago. He looks totally great! He can be the top, not the bottom anymore! Aiko loves him so much now. lol
      I think she is very good at painting boys. She asked me for a lot of details for the style I want and did a really great job. Don't hesitate to contact her! She is brilliant!
      Also, can't wait to see my twins Javi!! =D
    3. c14chan just completed a faceup on my Doll Family Xuan Yue, and the result is awesome ! -She kept me informed through the whole process, and was quick to send me updates and photos of her progress. She was very friendly and easy to deal with, as well as very very talented. I would recommend c14chan if you want a professional reasonably-priced faceup. - Thanks !
    4. I sold my default Williams wig to c14chan recently, and she was a real pleasure to deal with. :) Fast pay, quick & friendly communication, and she let me know when it arrived. Thank you very much!
    5. I sold a wig to c14chan and she was delightful throughout the entire transaction. She replied to pm's quickly, paid swiftly, and was lovely to talk to. Her communication was clear and sweet. She also let me know the moment the wig arrived. I would love to do business with her again~ Thank you so much!
    6. c14chan bought a Sodol set from me. She had very friendly communication, and paid quickly. I'd like to have a transaction again in the future. Thank you
    7. I sent my Oasisdoll Yaoyue to c14chan for a faceup after winning a lottery slot and her work is utterly amazing.

      She asked me loads of questions and sent heaps of photos for my approval before she continued and is an absolute pleasure to deal with.

      Her work is flawless and incredibly quick, she even took the time over the busy Christmas/New Year period to keep in informed for which I was incredibly grateful.

      Having now two dolls who've been faceuped by her, I wholeheartedly implore anyone to use her services if they are lucky enough to be able to. Thank you again C :)
    8. c14chan bought me a dress set.
      Good communication and fast transfer,c14chan is a good buyer to deal with.

      Thank you so much.XD
    9. I bought a full doll from c14chan in layaway recently, she is very friendly and send very quick
      c14chan is a really good seller to deal with^^
    10. bought some clothing from her and she's very easy to deal with. will definitely buy from her again. Smooth transaction and friendly communication
    11. I purchased Sd clothing from her and it was in perfect condition. Quick delivery and very good communication. Everytime again. :aheartbea
    12. Flawless transaction with c14chan! I purchased some LUTS boots, and they arrived in perfect condition! Would definitely do business with her again!
    13. Purchased a fur wig from c14chan and it the transaction was flawless. I love the wig a lot and the condition of it is perfect. Would definitely do more business with her again in future. <3
    14. I purchased a SWITCH wig from c14chan & it was an excellent transaction. She helped with the sizing of the wig and shipped quickly- communication was great & the wig is beautiful- I happily recommend her as a seller, thanks so much :)
    15. I bought from c14chan a great pair of Tata boots, she was nice and fast in comunication and also excellent packagin!A real pleasure, thanks again!
    16. c14cha was part of a For My Doll G.O. I ran. Communication was fast and friendly and payments were made promptly. All in all, c14chan was wonderful to deat with, and buyers like her are a real credit to the marketplace. :kitty2