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Feedback for -cain-

Sep 4, 2007

    1. :) If you've done business with me (commissions, group orders, etc. etc.), please post feedback in this thread. Thank you so much!
    2. -cain- bought my El head. She was great to deal with and I know my boy has gone to a great home!!!
    3. Great buyer super fast payment and great follow up. Good commuication - :)
    4. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
      I don't have words to explain how lovely the work she did for me is!!! Just....wow!!!!!

      Everybody should have her do their blushing.
    5. -cain- bought a pair of eyes from me, she was quick with payment and very friendly and speedy in communication. Just all around great to deal with. :)
    6. I sent -cain- my AA Qi head for a faceup, and she did an absolutely amazing job! :D Her work is amazing, and she was very personable and professional throughout the whole transaction. I'd definitely reccomend her! :)
    7. I don't know what's going on, but I've waited about a month for -cain- to send payment for a necklace set. She said that she would send it out on Monday, and I PMed her Thursday the 25th to see if she sent the money out. I've sent numerous pms and trying to get a reply or payment has been like pulling teeth. I hope I get the payment soon.
    8. I recently completed a commission for Cain and the transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly. I'd definitely work with Cain again!
    9. I took part in the DIM Minimee Gackt group order that Cain ran. She was an absolute joy all the way through, understanding and considerate and very prompt with communication both to the participants and to Denny. The transactions went smooth, and her shipping was superfast even though she wasn't feeling well at the time (hope you're better!) I'm really happy to have gotten the chance to order with her, and now my Gackt is home! Thank you! :D
    10. Cain bought a head from me on layaway. The payments were prompt and communication was phenomenal - fast & friendly! I would love to work with cain again - Thanks so much! ^_^
    11. Took part in the GO -cain- ran for Minimee Kyo. She was a pleasure to work with and was excellent in the communication department. =3
    12. I participated in the Gackt GO with -cain- and had a wonderful time working with her. She made a great effort to communicate our feelings to Denny. She is very understanding and considerate, responsible with payment management/shipping. And overall great person to deal with. :)
    13. -cain- was in both my GO's and was excellent to deal with! We worked out a trade and she sent out a gorgeous wig to me in perfect condition! She was very sweet, kind and easy to work with! I highly recommend her for any sort of transaction!
    14. Cain ran a GO for Kyo that I participated in. She was great to work with. I wouldn't mind doing a transaction with her again! :)
    15. I'd bought a Minimee Meev (Miyabi) head from -cain-, fast friendly pm's and well packaged - love my newest head! (time to work on the face up~) :) Thanks again!

    16. Cain bought an SD13 body from me, and things couldn't have gone better! A very friendly, understanding, and responsive buyer. Thanks again for a great transaction!! :aheartbea:)
    17. Sold an outfit to -cain-. Excellent transaction!
    18. I bought two Minimee heads from -Cain-'s marketplace thread.
      She was kind enough to settle a layaway plan with me, and waited patiently for my payment.
      She was sometimes a little slow on her communication, but when she replied, she was always very polite and informative.

      Definitely a trustworthy seller. <3
    19. I bought a Leeke Dream from -Cain-. The transaction was smooth and she was pleasant to work with. The doll arrived in excellent condition wearing a little dress -Cain- added.
      I'm quite pleased with everything and I would do business again with -Cain- any time.
    20. -cain- bought a sd13 boy body from me, she is very nice to talk to, and pay right away, it was a complete pleasure to sell to -cain- . A++++++buyer:)