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Feedback for CaityJay

Jan 19, 2009

    1. Since I've become more active here in the Marketplace, I figured I ought to start up a feedback thread. Thanks!
    2. I recently sold a DIM ARNO to CaityJay via a layaway plan, she was was in constant communication with me throughout the layaway and replied quickly to pm's i sent her. She even paid me earlier than expected for the final layaway payment and paid on time for the other payments. She also let me know when the doll arrived, which was greatly appreciated. I would definitely sell items to her again. she was wonderful to deal with and i would definitely sell to her again in the future.
    3. AMAZING TRANSACTION With CaityJay. SHe bought a choco puki pipi rascal from me and she paid promptly and is a lovely person to deal with. I feel confident that the puki has been adopted into a good home !!!
    4. I bought choco pukisha parts from CaityJay and all went better than great! Communication was polite and really nice. Thank you CaityJay! :aheartbea
    5. Purchased a clothing lot from me. Had great communication and prompt payment! :)
    6. i purchased 3 pairs of 16mm eyes from caityjay and everything went smoothly ^^ goog communication.
    7. Wonderful transaction with CaityJay. She pais promptly, had great communication, and was an over-all joy to work with. I'd do business with her again in a hearbeat!
    8. CaityJay bought a modded SSDF boy body from me and she was just too wonderful. There were some issues with the shipping and then unfortunately upon opening the box she found that the boy was sporting a damaged ankle, despite my serious packing job, but Caity was a real lady about the whole deal, despite my panic and frustration with the postal system:doh:( I offered to glue it for her and such but she said she'd be fine to do it on her own. She paid quickly, communication was always pleasant, and prompt. Couldn't ask for a more polite buyer.:D Highly recommended, thanks again:aheartbea
    9. Had a wonderful transaction. Great communication! Paid quickly. I would highly recommend selling or trading with her.
    10. Sold a customized handmade furwig to CaityJay. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    11. CaityJay bought some eyes from me. She let me know when they arrived at hers, paid really quickly and was super nice :) Enjoy them!
    12. CaityJay purchased a wig and Volks suit from me and it was a wonderful transaction. She paid very quickly and let me know promptly when the package had arrived. I would definitely do business with her again. :D
    13. I purchased a doll from CaityJay, and she is a considerate and FUN person to deal with. She kindly allowed me to do a month and a half layaway. She replied to my messages promptly and always kept in good communication. Wonderful transaction!!

      Linda S.
    14. CaityJay and I had a successful trade with no problems and great communication. Thanks so much!
    15. CaityJay is great! ^__^ I gave her lovely Leeke Min head a faceup and she was great to work with! I'd work with her again anytime! *hugs*
    16. I sold a male Domuya body to CaityJay. Paid fast, and let me know the minute arrived safely.
      Would do business again. Thanks for a smooth transaction.
    17. Purchased a Soom Fairy from CaityJay. She was packaged very carefully and the transaction went ever so smooth! Plain and simple, CaityJay is a first rate DOA member!
    18. CaityJay participated in my Dolomi split, she was such a dear to work with, and let me photograph her boy when he arrived. A pleasure to work with, paid on time when she said she would. <33333
    19. CaityJay bought two hand made coats from me. She was very quick to respond and pay and kindly sent me a picture of her boys wearing the items. Thank you so much for an awesome transaction again!
    20. CaityJay bought the doll glass eyes from me , the whole transaction was very happy ,she was very kind and friendly , it is happy time to have the business with her, highly recommend her to all of you. by the way ,I would like to say when her friend comes to me , pls remind me that you are her friends ,and then you will get the gifts from me .hahaha , we do our best to show the happyness between us on this world.