Feedback for Calicopanda

Jan 20, 2019

    1. Please leave your feedback for me here.

      Thank you!
    2. calicopanda bought a pair of mako eyes from me. fantastic communication, quick payment, and she let me know when the eyes arrived. great buyer, i'd love to do business with you again! ^^
    3. Calicopanda purchased a Luts Model Delf Blanchet from me and it was a very positive experience!
      Prompt payment, great communication and they let me know when she arrived safely to them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and would do business with again!

      Thank you! :)
    4. Calicopanda bought a JID body from me and everything went smoothly! Communication was very friendly and fast. Great experience overall! :)
    5. Calicopanda purchased a 5star doll Miss S from me and the experience was great.

      She paid when they said she would, communicated well, and let me know when the doll arrived safe. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Thank you so much and enjoy her!!