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feedback for calmingeffects

Jun 24, 2009

    1. Please leave feedback for me we have had a transaction together thanks <3
    2. calmingeffects bought a doll beach chair from me, she paid quickly and was wonderful to do business with. Thanks! :chocoberry
    3. I just sold calmingeffects an MSD shirt, and she's a great buyer--good communication, quick payment, very pleasant throughout the transaction :)
    4. calmingeffects bought Mir from me. Fun to deal with. Just a great transaction. Would deal with again in a minute.
    5. calmingeffects was in my most recent dollmore go, wonderful communication, quick payment! Would love to work with again!
    6. I purchased a pair of dollmore eyes from calmingeffects and the transaction was amazing! Thanks again!!
    7. Calmingeffects took part in a GO i ran for Dollmore. She was quick to pay for her items and communication was great! A great buyer :)
    8. I did a free faceup for calmingeffects, and the communication was great and she was very nice. ^^ Thanks for letting me paint your boy!
    9. I bought a pair of WS AoD hands!

      They were a brilliant price and arrived quickly! Brilliantly packed, too! Wow!

      Brilliant transaction over all, thanks so much!
    10. I traded with calmingeffects. Wonderful buyer AND seller - paid promptly, kept in regular contact with me, and sent off her end of the trade very quickly. Hope to do business with her again!
    11. Calmingeffects bought a Lati yellow Lumi from me. She paid immediately and let me know when the doll arrived - perfect transaction! I highly recommend her as a buyer! :aheartbea
    12. Calmingeffects was in another Dollmore GO i ran, as before a pleasure to work with!
    13. Purchased LY Lumi and a LY wig from calmingeffects.
      She was great with communications and she even refunded me for a shipping charge overage (very honest~!). Lumi and the wig arrived in great condition, too!
      Thanks so much for being a great seller!!!
    14. I purchased some Lati Yellow/Pukifee size clothing from calmingeffects. She is a wonderful seller and a pleasure to deal with in every way - nice communication throughout, speedy shipping, and she slipped some cute surprises into the package, too!

      I would happily do business with her any time. :)

      Thanks Megan!

    15. calmingeffects was in my Leeke GO and the transaction was flawless, communication was great, payment was sent quickly. Thank you again!
    16. I sold a DollZone Sleeping Xi to calmingeffects. She paid quickly and even let me know when he arrived. Thanks so much!
    17. Calmingeffects bought a MSD Vest from me. Paid quickly and was a joy to work with. :D
    18. Calmingeffects was very pleasant to work with :) I had sold an MSD skirt to another person, and when calmingeffects contacted me just after the skirt had sold, I offered to make her one. :) She was patient with me when it took longer than I had anticipated, and was very sweet the whole time. Transaction went without a hitch. I'd love to work with her again. :)
    19. bought some jelly bracelets from me
      everything went really quickly and was great to deal with
      thanks so much
    20. Bought a Puki Fee Wig from Calming Effects. It arrived quickly and was very nice. Great communication- Outstanding seller:)