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Feedback for candy_coated.

Nov 30, 2009

    1. Feedback for transactions with me would be greatly appreciated. :D
    2. I sold my Ani to her,i am very happy she likes my doll ^ ^ Communication is very good,and pay quickly.After she got the doll,she contact me and give me a feedback very quickly ^ ^ GOOD BUYER !
    3. Candy_coated bought eyes & a wig from me, and all went well. She was friendly, paid quickly and kept in touch. Thanks so much for a wonderful transaction! ^_^
    4. Candy_coated has bought two wigs from me, the transaction was very smooth~
      she was very nice~ great buyer~
    5. bought a doll from me

      very polite and kept good contact.
    6. candy_coated purchased some eyes from me. Payment was instant and she made sure to let me know when they had arrived.

      Thank you! :aheartbea
    7. Just finished a perfect transaction with candy_coated! She purchased a modded Shiwoo scar head from me. She paid as agreed and kept in touch with me. Her pms were delightful, honest and very kind. She let me know when the head arrived and told me how much she enjoyed the face up. I would sell to her again for sure and highly recommend having any transaction with her! THANK YOU!!!
    8. she sold me a brownie and was very kind about it, even after my embarrassing screwup when sending a message
      the doll came very quickly and was really well wrapped
      almost too well wrapped :P
      thanks a bunch :D
    9. Candy_coated bought 4 pairs of glass eyes from me.
      smooth transaction, and she is very nice to inform me when the package arrives.
      Thank you.^-^
    10. Candy_coated purchased 2 kimonos from me. The transaction was wonderful and went very smoothly and she let me know every step of the way what was going on. (I love that!) Thanks so much!
    11. Sold an DollnDoll Valentine outfit fullset and eyes too. She was very nice. Gave fast payment, and was very kind to keep me up dated up untill the package got to her! She is a A++ buyer!!

      I hope it fits your dollies well!! ^_^
    12. Candy_coated bought some dolls clothes from me, the transaction went smoothly, great to deal with :)
    13. Candy_coated bought DK Lingyue from me. Communication was great and payment was made right away. Thanks! :)
    14. Great seller! She sold me her KDF Ani and the transaction was smooth, communication was excellent, and the doll was very safely packaged and arrived quickly.
      Thank you~
    15. I participated in candy_coated's SWITCH GO! What a fantastic experience! Prompt, friendly communication and super speedy shipping. Would happily join another GO hosted by candy_coated.

      Thanks again so much! :D
    16. candy_coated is a great seller! She sold me her Neo-AngelRegion Ren head and the transaction was great, communication was excellent, and the head was very safely packaged and arrived VERY quickly.
      Thank you so much!!!
    17. I bought a DoC Too from Candy_coated. We did a short layaway, there was no problems whatsoever! He also arrived quickly and safely packed.
      Thanks so much Candy! <3
    18. I bought a MNF Shiwoo head from candy_coated. She was very helpful and answered all my questions very quickly. The head I got is absolutely beautiful! I would not hesitate to buy from her again.
    19. Candy_coated bought a Dream of Doll DoC Too from me.

      She was absolutely amazing! We planned a nice short layaway, and she actually paid him off in full months ahead of time. She replied to every PM very quickly and very clearly. She was understanding, sweet, and a pleasure to deal with. She was incredibly lenient with my situations, and we worked everything out very well.

      I would without a doubt recommend any transaction/interaction with Candy-Coated. By far the best transaction I've ever had!

      Thank you again so much Candy. You were amazing C:
    20. Bought a Uhui Switch head from Candy_coated. Amazing contact, no problems. Could pay in layaway each week after I recieved money from work. If I needed more time, then that was allowed. Shipped on the day of the last payment! Good and carefully packed. I seriously have nothing to complain about!

      Will not hesitate of buying something again! [: