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Feb 18, 2016

    1. Hi ,
      I am new to DOA but i have 100% Feedback on eBay or my Facebook Profile for Doll purchases and sells.
      If you bought anything from me please leave your Feedback over here.
      Thank you :hug:
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    2. +1 positive buyer

      Candycane77 bougth the Lai Yellow Mystic Noa Bat children persoon from me. Communication was very friendly and fast and the payment was also very fast and as promised :)
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    3. Candycane77 bought from me a tiny human deilf , everything went so fast and swiftly, I can only recommend her. :)
      Friendly contact, fast answers and payment, and she let me know ASAP when she received the doll... Perfect!
      Thanks a lot for buying that cuttie from me! :kitty2

      +++ buyer !