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Feedback for candygears

Jul 4, 2008

    1. I sold a wig to candygears. The payment was fast and the communication was great. ^^ Highly recommended buyer!
    2. Just wanted to post positive Feedback fro Candygears! They bought a wig from me and paid very fast! Great communications and was very pleasent! :fangirl:

      Would sell to again! Thanks,
    3. Candy Gears is about the best person one could ever hope to have business with. Her faceup on my DT Yeondu is just fabulous. Her talent with making eyes is outstanding. Wonderful person....and extremely talented.
    4. Candygears gave my Yeondu a beautiful faceup-- beautiful eye makeup, beautiful lips, and totally unique. Return shipping was speedy and communication was great :)

    5. Candygears is making fabulous Top Hats..... i bought one, and it's amazing, beautiful, well made, super fast, she's such a darling.
    6. Candygears did a faceup on my Lati Renia and she couldn't have been better to deal with. She's prompt, professional and has a great turn around time with her work. Thank you ever so much!
    7. Candygears was a participant in my Leekeworld group order and everything was great! Payments were prompt and communication was nicely kept on her end. :) It was a very smooth transaction and I'd do business with her again for sure!

      :clover Thank you for being such a great participant!! :clover
    8. Candygears sold me her beautiful Topaz and was a dear to deal with! Very fast sending, polite and clear during and after the negotiation and careful with the sending. I would absolutely buy from her again. Thank you Candygears!!! :)
    9. Candygears bought a fur wig from me and was a lovely buyer! Prompt with communications and payment, and friendly and professional throughout ~ thank you very much!
    10. Doing business with candygears was wonderful, I commissioned her to create a tophat
      and it turned out fabulous. I highly recommend her she's very talented and great to
      work with!
    11. Candygears bought a dollheart outfit from me. The communication was great, payment fast. Great buyer!
    12. Candygears ordered a(nother) fur wig from me and was just as wonderful as before! I'd be glad to do business with her again and again!
    13. candygears participated in my Leekeworld GO for May and everything went smoothly, thank you!
    14. i sold a Fer to candygears..... she is the perfect buyer.....
    15. Sold a customized handmade furwig to candygears. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    16. Candy joined my Cuprit split for the wig. She paid promptly and was amazing to work with. :) Thanks!
    17. I would like to leave positive feedback for candygears. She participated in my Amber split and was wonderful to work with.

      I also commissioned her for a face up for my Heliot and DZ Leo. She done AMAZING jobs with them both I couldn't be happier! n.n <3333
    18. I bought a SOOM Amber head with custom face-up (by the artist, with two wigs and COA) at DOA auction from candygears.

      I simply cannot say enough good things. First off she was incredibly honest, trustworthy ,and polite in the auction. I was PM'd right after auction ended. She offered to ship or let me pick the head up in person.

      In the PM's after the auction she was pleasant and informative. candygears shipped Amber out yesterday morning and she arrived today. She was packed very secure and all pieces were exactly as described.

      Well actually the face-up was even better then the pictures! :) It was delicate and detailed, very high quality, what a talent. I hope that in the future if I need a face-up I can get one from candygears.

      Overall Excellent transaction, I could not be more pleased! Thank you very, very much. :fangirl: To those who work with candygears you are in excellent good hands!
    19. Candygears was a participant in my first group order run for NDoll and we had another pleasant transaction. :D I am pleased to say that my opinion has not changed and I would still work with her again without hesitation~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders! :pcake:bcake
    20. Commissioned CandyGears for a top hat and eye patch. Her work is brilliant and she's got a real eye for detail and design. :aheartbea Very talented! A real asset to DoA :)

      Thanks so much! I would deal with CandyGears with great confidence.