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Feedback for capetieno

Aug 11, 2009

    1. Hi, please post your feedback if you've done business with me in any way. Thank you :)
    2. Capetieno commissioned a t-shirt from me. She provided measurements, paid promptly and was excellent with her communication. Would definitely do business with her again!
    3. Capetino participated in my ninth Luts and my late September Nine9 Style group orders and she was a pleasure to deal with on both accounts. We had an issue with her post office sending the package back to me, but she stayed on top of communication and we were able to get things sorted out quickly. I freaked out on her because I was so worried about the package being lost, but she stayed calm. I really appreciate that and am so glad that we were able to fix things.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    4. Capetino adopted a Remi Yo from me. She was quick, paid fast, and very pleasant to work with - communication A+. I highly recommend Capetino. Hope she enjoys Remi and hope our paths cross again. Thanks!
    5. Created a commissioned wa-loli kimono for capetieno - and really enjoyed the creative experience! She was super lovely to work with and had a great eye! Would love to work with you again in the future!! :)
    6. Capitieno purchased a Yo outfit from me. Transaction was very pleasant and I would gladly do business with her again.
    7. capetieno participated in my luts group order. Great communication and sent payment within promised time. She is a very friendly and responsible person, and I'd love to work her again. Thank you for joining the GO ^^
    8. Capetieno purchased a Volks Yo-SD nightie + underwear set from me. She was very nice to deal with, polite and very prompt with the payment and fun to chat with. Many thanks!
    9. Capetieno was a part of my Volks GO. Her payment was submitted quickly and communication back and forth with her was excellent. Though her item was out of stock and a refund was issued, I'd definatly welcome her back again to participate in one of my group orders.:)
    10. I purchased some MSD sized clothing and shoes from capetieno. Everything shipped quickly and safely and was just as described. Great transaction. Thanks so much! :)
    11. I purchased a Puki Snowflake set from capetieno, she shipped asap and item arrived in perfect condition.
      I would buy from capetieno again, thank you so much...now the girls are all fighting over 'who' is going to wear it first!
    12. I purchased a puki body from capetieno and the item was shipped super quick and arrive in perfect condition. I would not hesitate to buy from this seller again. Thanks!
    13. i purchased a Fairyland wig from Capetieno. She was very friendly to talk with, let me know what was happening at each stage and packaged the wig really well. It arrived very quickly too! Thanks so much.
    14. Sold a pair of YoSD jeans to capetieno. Very professional and friendly. I'd definitely recommend her to others :)
    15. Captieno joined my Leekeworld GO. Captieno is lovely to deal with, very polite and friendly and responded in good time. As for payment, that came quickly so I was able to run the GO very smoothly. I hope you enjoy the items!