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Feedback for Captnklaus

Apr 2, 2009

    1. My own feedback thread.
      Thanks in advance. :aheartbea
    2. Hi, Captnklaus bought a head from me. It was a great transaction. She paid right away and everything went smoothly. Highly recommended to all. Thank You! :)
    3. bought an AOD body from me. fast payment and good communication. ^^ thank you
    4. Bought a head from me, paid fast, ^^ Great communication , I recommend you to everybody! Great buyer!
    5. Purchased a wig from me and it was a great transaction! Thanks again!!
    6. Captnklaus bought a hoodie from us. Quick payment and so nice to deal with. Perfect transaction! Thanks so much!!
    7. [SIZE="-10"]Captnklaus participated in both my ninth Dollmore and eighth Fairyland orders and everything went wonderfully. Communication from her end was well kept and payments were all made promptly. A smooth and easy transaction from beginning to end.

      :bcake Thank you for participating in these orders! :bcake
    8. Captnklaus bought some msd shoes from me! Very smooth transaction, and easy to communicate with. Thumbs up from me!
    9. Bought a belt from me. Payment was prompt and communication was swift and easy. Thanks a lot!
    10. I sold two fur wigs to Captnklaus and the transaction was perfect! Our communication was delightful, and Captnklaus sent the payment very quickly and informed me the arrival. Thank you again! ^_^
    11. Captnklaus bought a shirt this time around. Another flawless transaction. Thanks again!
    12. Captnklaus took part in my shoes GO and the transaction was super easy and smooth. Her payment was sent promptly and her communication was friendly and in a time manner. Overall an excellent GO partner!
    13. Captn bought a zombie shirt from our last update. She's one our favorite repeat buyers and we highly recommend her. Thanks again!
    14. Another great transaction with the Captn! It's always a pleasure to sell to such a lovely buyer, I would recommend her to all. ^_^
    15. had a great transaction with Captnklaus
      communication A+
      payment A+
      thanks again
    16. bought some jelly bracelet from me transaction was really gd fast payment and really friendly, great to work with!
    17. I bought a pair of msd dollmore pants from Captn.
      She was a doll to deal with and i love the pants :D
      Thanks again!!!
    18. Captnklaus participated in my TATA Group order. She was very nice to deal with and her payments were made quickly. I recommend to anyone
    19. Captnklaus participated in one of my Dollmore GOs. She paid her invoices quickly, and was quick to give me the necessary details when she was moving and we had a few hiccups getting her package to her. :) Great transaction~
      Thanks, Captn! I'd be glad to have you in another GO! ^_^
    20. Another lovely transaction with this wonderful buyer. Thanks again!