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Feedback for cariseb

Mar 30, 2010

    1. I could not find a feedback thread for cariseb, so thought I'd start one. 10 days ago I purchased a MNF Juri head from cariseb. It arrived today in excellent condition, it was very well packaged. I recommend her and would do business with her again. Thanks!
    2. thanks very much !!!!
    3. Feedback: NEGATIVE

      04-19-2010: cariseb contacted me, intered in a Zaoll head. She asked me about shipping costs to France and I answered her.

      04-20-2010: She asked me about modifications in the head (I told her the head is not modified). She also asked me about a two months layaway, it's was OK for me. We had an agreement, so the head was on hold for cariseb.

      04-21-2010: She gave me her Paypal account (I really don't know why... firstly I thought it was to identify her payment... but, obviously, not).

      After that, I contacted her several times asking for the money and I recieved no answer. I know she has been on-line, so she read my PM's for sure... so I don't know why she haven't contated me. If she can't pay the head right now or she in not intered anymore... I would apreciate to recieve an explanation from her.