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Feedback for Carmarilla

Nov 21, 2010

    1. I haven't done any selling and I don't think I plan to, but I have done some buying so I'm opening this thread in case I buy anything in the future and someone wants to see good/bad feedback. I don't have a lot of feedback on ebay (it was 4 feedbacks at 100% positive) because I don't sell there, and I rarely buy, but if you want to see it pm me and I'll post a link.

      Thank you! ;)

    2. carmarilla placed a small order on my sales thread. She paid swiftly and was polite, communication was great, or so I thought.
      Apparently she was confused about spell pages description but instead of clarifying the details she made an assumption and the item didn't meet the expectation.

      It's like the saying: 'There are no stupid questions.' ...But not asking is probably worse.
    3. I purchased a darling pair of shoes from Carmarilla. Great transaction, good comms and fast ship.
      Thanks so much!
    4. Carmarilla purchased a Minifee Vamp. Woosoo head from me. She was prompt with payment as well as communication, and was an overall joy to sell to. She was even kind enough to let me know when the head arrived! I highly recommend her as a buyer, and I would love to work with her again. Thank you!
    5. Carmarilla bought some wigs from me. She was great with communication and excellent on payment. All around a great transaction!
    6. I sold a doll to carmarilla several months (I think? it may have been longer) ago on layaway. She was a perfect buyer who always let me know when to expect her payments and sent them on time. She also paid by money order iirc, which I appreciate. Because of her fast, friendly communication and payments I would definitely recommend her as a buyer :).

      As a example of her great quality as a buyer, she was very patient and reasonable when I experienced shipping delays. I am sorry to have worried her so, but I am eternally grateful that she handled the situation so well. Most of all, I am very happy that she was pleased with her first doll :).
    7. She bought a Fairyland Vampire Elf Chloe head from me, and all was perfect! She paid extremely fast and was always quick to reply to messages! I highly recommend her! Thanks again for a perfect transaction! :)
    8. Carmarilla bought a fairyland boy with sleeping head from me. She's super sweet to work with and kept up great communication (we did a short layaway and she was great about keeping me posted about how things were going).. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her in the future. She was also fast to leave feedback (and I wasn't so quick!)

      Thanks Lady! I hope you enjoy your boy!
    9. I purchased a Senior Delf Mia head from carmarilla, and she was absolutely wonderful. She is incredibly sweet, polite, and prompt on answering pms. She went above and beyond during our transaction and I highly recommend her! I would buy from her again in a heartbeat. Thank you for my lovely new girl. :)
    10. I bought the Senior Delf body and she was great, one of the fastest, smoothest transactions I've ever had and an incredibly fair price. Quick shipping, well packed.
    11. Bought my Luts winter event head from her, it came fast and well packed. Incredibly happy. Thank you! :)
    12. I bought a some MSD clothes from Carmarilla. She was very friendly and took extra photos when I asked for some. After I paid, she shipped the next day. Very nice to deal with ^^.
    13. I bought shushu head from Carmarilla, very nice communication, fast shipping, great transaction. thank you!
    14. Bought a Minifee Chloe from Carmarilla. Good communication and super-fast shipping. Thanks very much!

    15. I bought a minifee a-line body from Carmarilla with a layaway plan. Fantastic communication, fast shipping, and over-all very pleasant to do business with!!! <3
    16. I purchased a wig from Carmarilla and she even through in a free one. She kept in contact and the transaction was a pleasure. Thank you ! (&#65417;&#9685;&#12526;&#9685;)&#65417;*:&#65381;&#65439;&#10023;
    17. I bought a Spite and Malice wig from Carmarilla and she was such a pleasure to do business with! All communication was swift and straightforward, and despite the holiday and bad weather, I received the wig in record time. Highly recommended seller!

      Thank you!!
    18. I participated in Souldoll GO by Carmarilla, she kept me informed all the time and everything went very good! Thank you! ^^
    19. I participated in a souldoll GO. Everything went smoothly and she kept us well up to date. Thanks!
    20. I purchased a bag from carmarilla. She was very patient and would love to do business again. So happy to finally have a nice bag for my dolls!~

      Thank you!