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Feedback for Carmela

Jun 19, 2007

    1. If you have had any transactions with me, please leave feedback here.
      Thank you.
    2. The CP Boy Body Type 2 that I ordered from Carmela arrived today, and I honestly couldn't be happier with it; the transaction was very pleasant and smooth, and Carmela was wonderful to deal with. Excellent seller, and I certainly wouldn't mind buying from her again. Thanks so much!
    3. I bought a CP Miyu BW from Carmela and it arrived less than 48 hours after the purchase. Needless to say, super fast shipping. The doll came as described, and Carmela is extremely honest, fair and super friendly. She also has a collection to die for. Thank you so much for my Miyu!
    4. I purchased a Kun head from Carmela! She was great with communication, shipped right away, and packed the doll very carefully. Wonderful to work with!
    5. I could not resist and purchased another doll from Carmela, this time an DoD E-An. Carmela shipped the brand new doll right away, gave me a super awesome deal and was so kind to include a very cool gift. I recommend her highly and look forward to many more dealings with her. She is a very generous and kind seller. Recommended!
    6. :fangirl:I purchased another doll from Carmela. This doll is a dream come true to me and I am so very grateful to Carmela for letting me adopt her Abby. She shipped right away, she gave me a very good deal and I am just in love with my new doll Abby. I highly recommend Carmela as a SELLER and BUYER, she is just great! ~Gus:D
    7. I purchased my Volks Bianka from Carmela! The transaction was flawless and I recieved my girl the day BEFORE I expected! Best communication ever! Wonderful wonderful seller! Would do business with again! *****
    8. I purchased a Volks Maki fullset from Carmela. She is the best seller I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. In fact, I have purchased a total of 4 dolls from her and a couple of outfits. I can tell you that she is a very honest classy person with a huge generous heart. :D Love Carmela! ~Gus
    9. I purchased a beautiful Volks Shiro Tachibana fullset from the lovely Carmela! The transaction was extremely smooth and more than satisfactory! She was a DREAM to deal with. Shiro was amazingly well-priced, and she offered a great payment plan along with him. She kept in excellent contact the whole time, and shipped him out very promptly. He was perfectly-packed and I cannot stress how excellent his condition was. All his accessories and clothing were like new. She even paid half of the shipping cost from her to me along with half of his customs fees (even though I forgot to specify the value I wanted him marked at).
      Overall, I would not hesitate to do business with her again, this was one of the best transactions I've had on this forum!! Superb seller!
    10. Carmela is wonderful to deal with! She got in touch with me fast, so easy to work with, and great communication. Shipping is super fast .. and the gown I purchased from her is in perfect condition! You could not ask for a nicer person to buy or sell with! One of the nicest ladies in dolldom!
      Thanks again, Carmela!!
    11. I bought a Full set Moon from Carmela, she was a pleasure to deal with at all times!!

      Thank you hes wonderful!!
    12. I bought a Custom House Junior Ai-Yeondu Basic Girl from Carmela. The doll has a fair price, Carmela was very friendly, shipped the doll quickly -- and the doll is in perfect condition and is lovely!

      I would gladly do business with Carmela again any time...

      Nancy Maya
    13. I bought a volks doll from Carmela. She is very friendly, kind, and great to communicate with. The transaction is perfect in every ways I can possibly think of. She responsed to email fast and delivered the doll almost right after I made payment. The doll was extremely well-packed. The doll itself is in great condition, like new in every items. I could not be happier than this. Thank you so much, Carmela for a great transaction. You are amazing!
    14. I purchased a Volks Masha from Carmela and as always she is an absolute delight to deal with. Masha was pristine and was shipped the day following payment. I trust her very much! ~Gus
    15. Just purchased a doll from Carmela and everything's perfect. Great transaction and would love to buy again from. ^+^ Thank you!!!
    16. I bought a Kurumi from Carmela. She is super nice and friendly to me. The girl arrived one day after she shipped it and in wonderful condition. I would love to deal with her again. Thank you so much. =3=
    17. Carmela is an amazing seller! I bought a DOT E-An from her. She was in excellent condition and was packed with care. Also, despite power outages due to Hurricane Sandy, Carmela went out of her way to make sure E-An was shipped! I would most certainly buy from her again if I have the chance. Thank you so much!
    18. wonderful seller. i bought a soom dillui complete with gorgeous face-up and urethane eyes. Carmela was gracious with a layaway and very warm in communication. and what incredibly good packing!