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Feedback for Carmen

Nov 13, 2008

    1. I didn't see a thread started so I decided to throw one up here.

      Carmen bought a head from me and was an excellent buyer (paid quickly, kept up communication and all around great). Even though there was a bit of a mix up at first it was quickly dealt with and really wasn't that big of an issue since Carmen informed me of it right away. ^^ Definitly wouldn't hesitate dealing with again.
    2. Carmen bought a couple shirts from me^^ the transaction was wonderful!!, you couldnt ask for a better buyer!! thank you so much*HUGS*
    3. Carmen bought a pair of shoes from my GO
      She is very friendly and understanding from the begining to the end^^
      I`m very glad to deal with her XD

      Thanks very much again!
      And hope to see you again ❤
    4. Carmen joined my WW group order.
      Carmen was patient throughout the waiting period, prompt payment, and good communication.

      I'd be happy to have Carmen in my GO again :)
    5. Carmen commissionned a tailored suit for her DSAM32 Saint Morten, she was a pleasure to deal with and even left her doll with me for a couple of weeks for fitting purposes. A very pleasant transaction.
    6. Carmen bought a Soom MD Chrom head from me. We finished the transaction in one day, and she was very pleasant to work with. Overall, an awesome transaction! :D
    7. Carmen commissioned a fur wig from me and it was a great transaction. She was good with communication, paid very promptly and even took a photo for me when the wig arrived. Thanks very much! :)
    8. Carmen Bought a Soom Ai head from me. Lovely to work with and would not hesitate to deal with again!
    9. Carmen bought some Soom Afi antlers from me and the transaction was great. She was very prompt with communication and payment. I would definitely deal with her again.
    10. Carmen joined my Nine9Style group order. She is an excellent participant: very fast payment and excellent communication. I highly recommend her. Thank you Carmen!

    11. :aheartbea Positive :aheartbea

      Carmen bought a wig off of me she paid promptly and had great communication throughout the entire transaction. She even told me when the wig arrived safely!

      I highly recommend her as a buyer!
    12. Amazing buyer!! :D

      I sold my Soom Idealian Hyperon to her with layaway. We agreed on the terms and she finished it even earlier than expected! She has been very kind and understanding during shipping time (since postal website never updated until the doll was ready to be delivered and we were both worried). This transaction has been perfect and I highly recommend Carmen to everyone!!
    13. Carmen commissioned some work from me and everything went great!
    14. Carmen was a participant in my LUTS group order. She paid her invoices promptly and replied to any PMs right away, on top of being very friendly to work with. A+ for communication for letting me know when the package arrived. :3

      We had a problem with the tracking number not updating, and she was very kind in handling the situation ♥ Thankfully the package was received yesterday - everything went better than expected. So thank you for being very patient with me and my forgetting to call the post office to see where the package was. I'm glad you have it now and everything is okay~

      All in all she was a very sweet person to work with, and really made running this GO worthwhile despite any obstacles that arose. I highly recommend Carmen and would gladly do business with her again. :whitetruffle<3
    15. Sold a doll to Carmen and had a wonderful transaction. Prompt and friendly communication. Quick payment and she was an overall joy to work with! I would definitely would do business with her again in a heartbeat! :aheartbea I wish all buyers could be just like Carmen: awesome!
    16. I commissioned a faceup from Carmen. She did an incredibly excellent job on my doll and I am extremely happy with the result. Thanks very much ^__^
    17. I commissioned Carmen to do a faceup for my Migidoll Cho. She did a wonderful job and captured the character perfectly! I am more than pleased with him. Her communication was great and my Cho was sent back to me quickly. :D Thank you for a great transaction!
    18. I commissioned Carmen to do a face up on my Popodoll NanGong You and I couldn't be more pleased with everything! She sent me progress photos of the face up and let me know of any problems she encountered. She's very sweet to communicate with as well. My doll was shipped out promptly after the face up work was done and was well protected on his way back to the states. I am so pleased that my boy finally looks like himself!


      Here's a not so good photo of my boy back at home. This photo does not do his face up justice at all, but I hope you can see how wonderful it is! :)

      Thank you so much!
    19. I commissioned Carmen to do a faceup and I couldn't be happier. She was able to capture the doll's personality and look perfectly! Communication was wonderful, she gave progress pictures, and shipped him home promptly when she was done. Thank you so very much :aheartbea
    20. I got a face-up for my Soom Lami from Carmen and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a face-up done. She gave progress photos every step of the way, was extremely open to input, shipped fast and did an amazing job. Her creativity and attention to detail is what made me chose her, and she definitely did not disappoint. Thank you!