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Feedback for Carol Hensley

Oct 14, 2009

    1. Starting a feedback thread for Carol.

      Carol piggybacked on my recent Lati order. She was always more than agreeable and fair about splitting costs, super prompt with payment, and a joy to talk with during the long wait. I would definitely work with her again, and enthusiastically recommend her to others.
    2. Carol bought a wig from me and was great to deal with. Fast communication and prompt payment here too. Thanks!
    3. Carol purchased a pair of msd flats from me and this was a really delightful transaction, great emails, quick payment and even let me know they arrived.
      my Highest Recommends for her, she is just the sweetest!

      :daisy Thank you Carol :daisy
    4. Carol bought an AOD Lan from me, and her payment was fast! She is a pleasure to do business with and I hope to do business with her in the future! Thanks Carol and enjoy your new AOD Lan in Suntan! Hope you find the Suntan body for the extra Yo\You head painted as a girl.
    5. Carol bought a body from me. She was great to work with. Very nice, and she let me know when the body arrived.

      I'd recommend her!
    6. Carol Hensley purchased a brown wig from me and was wonderful to deal with, thank you~! :3
    7. Carol Hensley bought 2 wigs from me. The communication was great, the payment was quick and she made sure to let me know they arrived. I would not hesitate to do business with Carol again!!
    8. Carol commissioned me to restring her two MSD's. She messaged me when she shipped, kept great communication, and even paid ahead of time! I enjoyed working on her dolls and gained new experience while doing so. I would be happy to fix up more of her dolls if she's ever interested!
    9. Carol bought 2 wigs from me...fabulous transaction, great communication and received payment quickly would definitely consider doing business with again. Thank you.
    10. Carol bought a Macbook from me. She was a pleasure to work with. Great communication and fast payment. Would love to do business again.