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Feedback for Carolyn.S

Aug 2, 2006

    1. This thread is for feedback about me. I have purchased many items on DoA including dolls and commissioned items. I also plan to sell some things on DoA. I have tons of good feedback on Ebay as cas2.

    2. Carolyn.S is a perfect buyer!:))
      Very quick to pay and we had a good correspondence.:))
      Thanks again!!:))
    3. Carolyn's an awesome buyer that I wouldn't hesitate in recommending. :D
    4. I had a great transaction with Carolyn too ^_^ She was an excellent buyer, with great communication and she paid right away.

    5. Carolyn's a pleasure to deal with. She pays fast, and she is extremely cooperative:

      She ordered a size 6.25 fu-fur wig from me, but I only had a pattern for size 7-8. She provided me with all the measurments that I had asked for, and double-checked them for me too.

      She paid right away too.

      I'm just hoping that the fur wig I'm shipping out to her today will fit her little Bambicrony.

      :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

      Thank you, Carolyn!
    6. Carolyn is amazing to work with! She participated in my Bambicrony group order. She paid very promptly, and communicates very well!

      :thumbup I definately recommend her!
    7. Carolyn bought 2 hoodies from me. ^^ Fast replies and you paid quickly.
      Definately reccomend her~! <3
    8. Carolyn.S is a wonderful buyer!, bought top from me:)
      Very quick to pay and we had a good correspondence.:)
      Thanks again!!:*
    9. Carolyn.S joined another of my Bambicrony group orders. She is amazing to work with. Always pays quickly, communicates very well, and is a pleasure to have in a big order.

      POSITIVE!!! :thumbup
    10. I did a commission for Carolyn. So was so wonderful to work. Thanks so much Carolyn!!
    11. I had a perfect transaction with Carolyn, very good comunication and all went smooth. Thank you very much again :daisy
    12. Carolyn bought my Oyasumi faceplate. She paid promptly, was pleasant in PM's, and was super-understanding when I mailed out late! I highly recommend transacting with Carolyn! :fangirl:
    13. Great buyer; wonderful to deal with! Recommended!
    14. great buyer, fast payment ! I recommended !
    15. Carolyn just bought from me and she was wonderful to deal with. She was very to the point and professional. The whole transaction went very quickly and efficiently. She paid me really quickly too.

      Thank you very much!
    16. Carolyn participated in my Dollga group order, and she was a great participant! She kept great communication throughout the pre-order period and paid me for her order and shipping promptly. Thank you for the smooth group, Carolyn!
    17. Carolyn joined the Dollga group order I did in October-November. She was very prompt with payment and the transaction went perfectly smooth.

      Thank you!
    18. Thanks Carolyn for being an awesome buyer! :D
    19. Carolyn was part of my Leeke order. She's got great communication skills wand was prompt with payments. Wonderful and very friendly! :)
    20. carolyn boyght a doll dress from me - it was a great transaction - fast payment and excellent communication :)