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Feedback for Cat ^..^

Dec 20, 2008

    1. Cat ^..^ bought some DM clothes from me and was just a lovely buyer! She was very patient while waiting for the money to clear and while the clothes shipped. Payment was prompt and communication excellent. Thanks very much! =]
    2. Cat bought a shirt from me using payment by money order. Usually I don't accept payment methods outside of Paypal, but it has been a very positive experience selling to her. Her communication was very good throughout the process. Thanks and I'd love to deal with her again ^^.
    3. Cat bought a minimee head from me. She has been very pleasant and patient throughout the transaction. Thanks a bunch!
    4. Super positive feedback for Cat ^..^ as a buyer! The entire transaction went perfectly, she is very communicative and super fast payment ! Would deal with her again without any hesitation!!

      Many thanks
      Myrtle in CA
    5. Bought a Unidoll Real boy's body from me. Immediate payment, very good communication. Thanks very much! Fully recommended.
    6. Cat took part in a Heliot split I arranged and payment was swift and communication fast & friendly! I recommend Cat as a buyer =)
    7. Cat is a TOTAL SWEETHEART! ^___^

      She is SO pleasant in pm's and just an overall goddess in dealing with! :aheartbea

      She purchased my damaged Heliot head (poor thing!) and paid right away. Not only did she pay on time, she sent me a package full of goodies! '.' And even little items she made for my dolls and beautiful wigs! It was just a total surprise but a wonderful one! I'd not think twice about selling or buying from her! :chocoberry
    8. Cat and I exchanged Heliot heads and it went perfectly. Cat was great. Although we both aged 6 months waiting for the things.. 'lol' Thank you, Catsy...you're a sweetie! Don't ever forget me, the weepy one! 'lol'
    9. Sweet Cat bought a pair of soom's hooves from me. She was a delight to deal with and paid in a timely manner. :) Thank you for being such a wonderful buyer! ^__^ I really enjoyed doing business with you! /kisu!
    10. Perfect transaction with Cat who purchased a doll head from me. Payment was quick and communication was excellent. An awesome buyer. Thanks!
    11. Cat ^..^ purchased some heliot hands from me. She was Absolutely Wonderful to deal with. She was VERY polite and informative. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank You for being so kind!!! <3
    12. Cat^..^ purchased a Heliot body from me and it was the perfect transaction. She was very friendly and prompt with everything. Would gladly sell to her again. :3
    13. Cat bought some Sard hooves from me, and everything went wonderfully. She's a real pleasure to deal with. ^_^
    14. Cat participated in three of my Soom splits. two Amber splits and one Heliot split. she was so very wonderful to work with and I am glad I was able to have a few transactions with her. Thank you so much Cat! :)
    15. She bought a pair of DK 70cm hands from me. Very nice lady to work with. Payment sent quick and communication is smooth. :)
    16. Cat recently purchased a wig from me. Everything went smoothly and communication was great.

      Thanks, Cat^..^!
    17. Cat bought a wig from me. Everything went smoothly and communication was great. She was very understanding with me when i shipped out the wig. Thanks!
    18. I just had the most perfect transaction with Cat! :) She brought my Leeke Goral Large horns. Payment was fast and we had tons of fun talking. I totally just made a new friend! :aheartbea

      Thanks for everything Cat ^..^,

      :pcupcake :bcupcake :pcupcake
    19. Cat purchased a shirt from me. She paid quickly by check and has great communication. Lovely and wonderful person to work with! Cat you're the best!:dance
    20. Cat and I just finished a transaction where she bought my Heliots long leg body from me, and I must say that there is no possible way that it could have gone any better. Yes, communication was excellent and payment was quick, but her cheerful nature just made everything so much more enjoyable. The entire reason I sold my boy was for financial reasons, so I really did not want to let him go, but after talking to Cat for the past few weeks I dont worry anymore because I know that he is going to a home that will spoil him and give him all of the attention and love that any doll could ask for. Her pms would brighten my day as we would chat away about future doll plans, the only regret I have is that I cannot invite Cat over every week for tea parties! Truly, you could not find a better person to have a transaction with, I would reccomend her and trust her without a doubt in any future shenanigans she may get into :)