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Feedback for Catas

Jul 17, 2006

    1. Thank you for leaving feedback here if you purchased from me.
      Thanks so much:D
    2. I bought some sweaters, socks, and a hat from catas a couple months ago. They shipped faster than expected being custom made and everything fit great! Wonderful to deal with ^_^ Will definitely order from again!
    3. Bought some tops/sweaters some time ago. They took awhile to be done, but they were worth the wait! I love them! ^^
    4. I bought a sweater set for my Narae a few months ago, and it's lovely! I'd certainly buy again when I get the chance.
    5. I bought a sweater and two hats from catas! I even received two matching scarves to match the hats! They are beautiful quality and catas gives great customer service! Thanks so much!!!! I recommend you to my friends all the time! :)
    6. I commissioned her a Hound sweater and it turned out to be exactly like in the picture I sent her. Excellent job, will buy again from!:D
    7. Catas is the best kept "secret" on DOA!
      Wonderful stuff!!!
      Thank you so much!!
    8. I bought two sweaters from Catas for my boys and they fit perfectly and are really soft and professionally made. Thank you! ^^
    9. I bought a sweater and top and I was VERY happy! They were so cute and fit my girl perfectly! I'd SO buy from catas again! :D
    10. Hi,
      Happy customers here! We ordered several things for Emily's Lily (Sist). I think it was 3 sweaters and a coat. They make them up to order so it does take a little time. But VERY worth the wait. The clothes are intricate and beautifully made. I'd go blind trying to knit this small!! The small gauge yarn is a great scale for the BJDs. Catas even sent a bonus gift of a lacey scarf and a beaded necklace for Lily. While Lily has consented to share the clothes with other minis, she has claimed that necklace as her very own!
      Thanks Catas!

      Lily says, "Hey Catas thanks for the great clothes and red necklace!!!"


      Lovely Lily in grey & red sweater with scarf.


      Lovely Peter in fisherman type sweater>


      Highly recommended seller!!
    11. I bought a sweater for my SD from catas, and the workmanship is lovely! Also got a bonus scarf, which is just the cutest thing for my mini girl. ^_^

      Great seller! :daisy
    12. I bought a sweater about three weeks before I needed it for a convention...catas rushed it out w/in two days and it arrived in time. ^__^ The sweater is *wonderful* and it fit perfectly!
    13. I bought 2 MSD sweaters from Catas 1-2 months ago and she's been absolutely lovely to work with! The sweaters are great quality and the 38 white turtleneck sweater is of a lovely soft fibre. No problems with communication and I highly recommend her.
    14. Catas is a sweet and courteous seller who replies promptly. :3 Though the sweater I ordered took a while to get worked on due to her mama's heavy workload, it was well worth the wait. ^^ The sweater fits my boy lovely and feels so soft to the touch. <3 Highly recommended! ^^
    15. I bought some stuff from Catas a few months ago and was very happy with everything. I posted some pictures/feedback in the sales thread but forgot to comment here until now.
      If you want a sweater for your BJD I would highly recommend Catas.:daisy
    16. I bought 2 sweaters and they are beautiful. I can hardly wait till I have spare cash again so I can get a couple more. Her prices are quite fair and her service was wonderful. Buy with confidence from her.
    17. I commissioned a Hermione (3rd year) sweater from Catas and was so very pleased with the outcome. (A couple of pics can be found here.) She even sent a beautiful necklace as well! :D
    18. I just recived my items from Catas today and I am amazed! The quality is fantastic, and I even got an extra hat and scarf set along with what I ordered. Communication was good! Deffinately a good seller. :D :D :aheartbea
    19. I bought a Harry Potter jumper from Catas, and it's so lovely, I've ordered another one for my boy Vince....:fangirl:
    20. I ordered several MSD items from Catas. Her communications always kept me up to date on the process, and when the items arrived, they were gorgeous ... a beautiful fit. The workmanship is excellent and the fibers are yummy soft!

      These items do ship from Asia and are custom made for you, so you might need to wait a little. But it is SO worth it!!

      Thanks Catas and Catas's Mom!!!