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Feedback for CatchMyFault

Jun 20, 2009

    1. Hi, I just thought I would start a feedback thread since I am in the process of doing some layaways ^.^ If you've had a transaction with me please leave feedback once transaction is completed :sweat

      -Elizabeth :aheartbea
    2. Catchmyfault purchased some eyes from me. Communication was wonderful and easy to speak with. Gladly sell to her again.
    3. Purchased by Wintery heads from Luts on a short layaway. Payments were on time and everything pretty much was flawless. Thanks again! :)
    4. I was looking for a CH St. Mina in the marketplace when CatchMyFault contacted me and offered me her Mina for sale. After a few days of discussing the matter we struck a deal. One day after my down payment (rest when the doll would be shipped at the end of July) I found out that CatchMyFault had lied about
      - the original price of the doll
      - the origin of the doll
      - the maker of the face up
      - the time she had the doll in her possession.

      She had bought the Mina herself only a few weeks ago from a French seller here on the forum. The doll was still in France and not even completely paid by CatchMyFault at the time she offered her to me.
      The worst part is, she took the original owners pictures and changed them to make them look like hers.

      The original seller confirmed all this to me. In favor for CatchMyFault I have to say, once I confronted her with all this she immediately admitted it and agreed to have the doll shipped to me from France directly.

      So in the end I got my doll, much thanks to the French seller, who assissted me alot during this ordeal. But this whole transaction leaves a very bitter taste and is the reason for CatchMyFault´s marketplace ban.

      I would never ever deal with her again.
    5. I sold a Dollfie Dream Rei Ayanami to CatchMyFault on layaway. I gave her 7 months to pay and she finished in 4 months. She kept in contact with me on every payment, was perfect to deal with in everyway! :)She has been wonderful and honest with me.. I enjoyed doing business with CatchMyFault!
    6. I recently sold a CH St. Mina to CatchMyFault on layaway (before the marketplace ban).
      All the payments were prompt and she was always a pleasure to deal with.
      A very understanding, kind, honest and patient customer.
      Highly recommended to all!
      Thank you very much~ :clover