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Feedback for Catgirl_luna

Apr 30, 2008

    1. Please post any and all feedback here! :)
      Thank you muchly~ :aheartbea

    2. catgirl_luna bought my doll.
      She is a great buyer! Very fast payment! :)
      When she said that she wanted to buy, she really did mean it and paid it in a short time! :aheartbea
      I would like to make another transaction with her again in the future!
    3. Luna bought a doll from me and she was incredibly sweet and a pleasure to deal with. Super fast payment & everything ran very smoothly. Very highly recommended! ^^
    4. Catgirl_Luna participated in my Dollmore group order and everything went smoothly. She's so friendly, she kept up great communication, paid quickly and was very understanding when an item that she wanted went out of stock. She got back to me with lightning speed with an item she would like to replace that item with and I am very appreciative for that. I would love to deal with her again.

      Thank you so much for being such a wonderful participant. :D

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    5. Catgirl_Luna purchased a doll from me. She had wonderful communication, is very nice and payed super quick! Would definately do business with again! Highly recommend her to anyone!! :)
    6. Catgirl_Luna was a participant of my first ever group order. She was quick to pay and an all around pleasure to do business with. :)
    7. Catgirl_Luna bought my DoT Shall head, payment was fast and communication was great! She was even nice enough to tell me the head had arrived safely.

      Great buyer, would definitely sell to again! ^^
    8. Catgirl_Luna bought my SoulDoll Paris. :)

      True to her word with payment, awesome emails.

      She gets my vote 10000000%!


      Thank you!!
    9. Catgirl_Luna bought me some clothes for MSD. She did a super fast payment and was so kind with me everytime. It´s been a perfect deal. Highly recomended *^^*
    10. Catgirl_Luna took part in my fifth Luts group order and everything went smoothly. Quick to pay invoices and great with communication, she was a pleasure to deal with and I would definitely work with her again if given the chance to.

      :clover Thank you for joining another one of my group orders! :D Your participation in this order was much appreciated! :clover
    11. Catgirl_luna participated in my SOOM group order. Friendly to deal with and quick payments. Thank you again!
    12. catgirl_luna joined my iplehouse group order and was great to play with. Thanks to you for fast payments and great commuincaition. Lets play again!
    13. Participated in a Dollmore Group order of mine, paid very quickly and great communication, would love to have you in the group again!
    14. She was a member in a Dollmore GO. She didn't hinder it and was nice along with everyone else!! :3
    15. catgirl_luna purchased a Model Doll Uri Rich from me and paid right away :) She was very kind and wonderful to deal with n.n

      Thank you again!
    16. catgirl_luna participated in my dollmore Go. they were very responsive and quick to pay! Thank you!
    17. Catgirl_luna participated in my Dollmore GO. She was very nice and quick to responses and payment. Thank you very much!
    18. catgirl participated in my Dollmore GO, she paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with!
    19. Fantastic Group Order participant, wonderful transaction all the way around. Answered all pms & e-mails quickly and let me know her package had arrived safely. I highly recommend to other sellers.
    20. She was part of my Luts GO. Quick payments, and such a sweetie pie!!