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Feedback for Catsick / TenYen

Dec 9, 2008

    1. I keep forgetting to make one of these. Whoopsies~

      Feedback for Catsick (a.k.a. TenYen) goes here!

    2. I took part in an Iplehouse group order with Catsick and had a very good experience! Good communication, kept participants updated on the status and even delivered the item to me in person :D Would do business in the future!
    3. Participated in the same group order. Cat was awesome to deal with, really friendly and fast with her responses. Great organizational skills for the order. I'd definately order with her again. ^^
    4. Catsick purchased an Elfdoll June from me. Communication was great, she is very friendly. Payment was prompt and she let me know as soon as the doll arrived. Would glady do business with again in the future :)
    5. I was in a Dollmore GO ran by Catsick and she has been such a sweetheart running this! I was informed what was going on and if there were going to be any upcoming problems but everything went nice and smoothly anyways =D
    6. I have purchased head Leeke World Romeo from Catsick. The parcel has arrived, all is excellent.
    7. Purchased a dress from Catsick. She was very friendly and quick with all her communications. She shipped fast and was overall a wonderful transaction.
      Highly recommend!
      Thank you.
    8. I bought an outfit and shoes from Catsick. Everything was beautifully packed and arrived safely. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Catsick again. ^_^
    9. Catsick was wonderful to deal with!!! She bought a pair of glass eyes from me on the marketplace.

      She was quick to respond and with payment, she let me know as soon as the item arrived and was all around really nice to deal with! I would gladly sell to her again!!!

      Thank you so much!!! :)
    10. I joined a split with Catsick and she kept very good communication. She was very friendly and easy to talk to! We managed to agree on the shipping easily and she was patient to wait while I was on a holiday during delivery :p

      I'd love to deal with her again! Thanks!! :D
    11. Just purchased a Luts wig and eyes; this is my 2nd transaction with Catsick! She is an absolute delight to buy from. Quick, friendly responses and she lets you know as soon as your items are shipped (which is quick). Definately recommend her and will purchase from again in the future!
      Thank you!
    12. I bought a Luts Cane head from Catsick. It was a great transaction, and as she wasn't able to send it via the original shipping method, she very generously refunded me the cost. He arrived safe and sound and very very well packaged. Thank you so much for my grail sculpt!!! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again anytime. :)
    13. Positive

      I purchased a SDF Body from Catsick, it was from a 2008 batch of the Limited SDF Cian. She was a fabulous person to work with, she even allowed me to meet up with her in person to test and see if my SDF Cian Head still matched the body she was selling~

      Excellent communication, a very reliable seller I would not hesitate to do business with her again. The body itself was in excellent condition and exactly as described in the sales thread.

      Thank you so much for helping my boy find his body <3
    14. I bought a pair of eyes from Catsick! She was great to work with~! She had great communication, and kept me up-to-date even when only a day late from shipping my eyes out. ^^ I'd happily work with her again any time and recommend her to anyway. Thank you again~
    15. I Sold items to Catsick.Everything was well,very very very very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Great doing business with you!! Thanks very very much.XD~~
    16. Catsick bought a pair of Nine9 boots from me. She paid promptly and the communication was good~Highly recommended~Definitely would like to trade with her again~Thank you!=)
    17. Catsick was in my Dollmore GO. She paid her invoices on time and was a pleasure to deal with.
    18. Catsick participated in the 2079 Recovery GO. She was prompt with payment and communication, and I would definitely deal with her again.
    19. (I forgot to leave feedback until now - sorry!) Catsick sold me a cat-eared SD hoodie. We played PM-tag for a while because it was finals week when I bought it so I wasn't around very much to answer messages, but she was always very understanding and patient with me! I would not hesitate to buy from her again.
    20. Sold some clothes to Catsick. Her communication and patience while I tried the clothes over at a friends was amazing. Payment was quick and she let me know the items arrived safely. I would definitely recommend Catsick as a buyer to anyone and would love to do business with her again.
      Thank you so much!