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Feedback for Catsy

Mar 28, 2007

    1. I don't see one for me and since I've bought things from a few people I thought I should set up a thread for myself. Please leave feedback for me here if I've bought something from you, or if later I decide to sell something. Thank-you.
    2. Sold a Nideru MSD dress to Cat and recommand her to DOA members: quick payment, good communication, a friendly and helpful person to do business with her ^^
    3. I sold MSD platforms to Catsy. She's very kind and paid very very quickly. I'm so happy to sell to Catsy *hugs*
    4. Bought a pair of YoSD boots from Catsy. She was wonderful to deal with. responded to every email and packed securely. Thanks bunches for a great transaction. I love the boots.
    5. I sold a doll to Catsy. She was absolutely wonderful to deal with. Great communication! Great all around!
    6. Bought some Puki parts from Catsy! Great deal and very fast shipping. Thanks for the extra goodies, too. :D
    7. Catsy joined my FL GO I ran for a pongpong outfit, She was one of the sweetest caring people I've met ever on DoA.

      She was very friendly and paid promptly after she was invoiced. and as soon as her outfit arrived she PMed me to let me know ^^ Truly loved working with her and wouldn't hesitate to do so again~!
    8. Catsy participated in my Fairyland group order and was a pleasure to deal with. :) She kept great communication and paid invoices promptly! I would definitely do business with her again! :D Highly recommended~

      :clover Thank you for being such a lovely participant!! :clover
    9. Catsy answered a WTB of mine and sold a baby cheshire honey head to me. It was packed well and arrived quickly~ She's an awesome seller.