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Feedback for Catwalk

May 4, 2007

    1. Feedback thread!
      #1 Catwalk, May 4, 2007
      Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
    2. I just had a wonderful transaction with Catwalk ^_^ She's great to deal with and easy to talk to. She was an excellent buyer for me, and she paid very quickly.

      Thank you so much!
    3. :sumomo: I bought a nice Dollmore halter top from Catwalk. It was mailed out superfast, and communication was prompt and friendly. I recommend highly!
    4. i commissioned a custom-engraved tag for my Hound from Catwalk. communication was super-prompt, and she was actually able to make my tag the same day! it looks good, and the scale is great. it was nicely packaged, as well, in a little flocked pouch. excellent seller.
    5. good transaction.
      thank you!
    6. I commissioned two engraved necklaces from Catwalk and the transaction went wonderfully. The necklaces were done that day and shipped soon after. They were well packaged and I was very impressed with the quality. I happily recommend this seller and her lovely jewelry.
    7. Bought a great wig from Catwalk -- it was an excellent price and the wig was in like new condition. Great communication and quick safe shipping. I recommend this very nice seller. RobbinA
    8. Catwalk bought a pair of pants from me~ She paid promptly and was very pleasant to deal with! Thanks for the great transaction!
    9. Catwalk bought my DoT Camine. Fast payment and great communication made this a smooth transaction! Thanks a bunch,

      Lindsay :daisy
    10. Catwalk bought eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when items arrived. Super nice to deal with.
    11. Catwalk bought some halloween candies from me. :) It was a great transaction, quick with communication and payment. Thank you very much!
    12. Great buyer, prompt payment and excellent communication. Thanks so much! :)
    13. Bought a hoodie from me, great transaction. :] Would be happy to deal with again.
    14. Awesome person to deal with =) I bought some adorable pins from her and I love them! ^_^ my babies have them on right now! XD it was a good deal ^^ and it arrived fast! thanks so much catwalk! I will request more in the future! :3
    15. Catwalk participated in a group order I ran. Fast payments. Great communication. Thanks!!
    16. Another great transaction with Catwalk as the buyer!
    17. Catwalk is a great buyer! I sold her a dress; she paid quickly; no problems at all! Thanks!
    18. Catwalk bought a top from me. Great buyer, fast payment and no problems at all. Thanks! :D
    19. Pleasure to deal with, purchased a SD top from me. Thanks!
    20. Catwalk bought a necklace from Mikan's Poketo and she's a sweetheart to deal with! Excellent communication, prompt payment and let me know when the necklace has safely arrived :)

      Thanks for sharing Aimee's beautiful pictures! :D