Feedback for Cecelia

Sep 14, 2018

    1. Hello! If you do any dealing with me in the future, I'd appreciate feedback! :kitty1
    2. Positive feedback, Cecelia purchased a pair of eyes from me, transaction went smoothly and communication was good. Thank you.
    3. Cecilia purchased a Dollzone boy body from me and everything went very smoothly! Their communication was prompt and friendly, and they paid quickly. When the body arrived they were quick to let me know. Very responsible buyer. Thank you so much!
    4. Cecilia bought my Winterrain Yinho on Crobidoll body. She paid promptly and was very pleasant to talk to. Would definitely love to do business with her again. Thank you :)
    5. Cecilia bought some eyes from me, she paid very promptly and was very patient :) Thank you!! x
    6. Cecilia bought some eyes and wigs from me and the transaction was as great as it could be. :) The buyer was super pleasant to deal with, prompt and immediately notified me upon the package's arrival. A pleasure to do business with and I would not hesitate to do more again.

      Thank you very much! :aheartbea